*Margaret (Curtis) McDaniel + Curtis McDaniel = Curtis.Squared

January 13, 2020

2019 Christmas

Here's some highlights from our Christmas, mainly in pictures:
Enjoying the kid-size gingerbread house at Purdue
Drew loved being around Christmas trees! We had to teach him to stop taking bows off presents and ornaments off trees, but eventually he understood it all! He would request the Christmas tree lights to be turned on every morning.
I organize a local parents group and we went to McCord's to see the candy cane tour! It's a favorite that we do each year!
Kate loved shaping her candy cane!
Drew went straight to eating his!
We had some girls from RUF come over to help decorate cookies and make delicious desserts in preparation for our annual Christmas party!
The girls LOVE their "big friends!"
This one makes me happy!
Our baking/decorating group! We wore PJs!
And then it was Christmas party time! Kate bonded a lot with Grace. :)
I'm posting the funny picture to show that we can have a good time in our ugly sweaters and our white elephant exchange (that's where the big poster came from). Haha!
Students left, and Kate had her Christmas program. I love this one because Kate is giving this princess wave to us! She did an excellent performance!
Then, Anna had a fun Grinch Christmas party!
She loved every minute of it!
Drew and Kate also enjoyed it!
Then, our kids met Santa and Mrs. Claus! Drew had the "deer-in-the-headlights" look; Anna was ecstatic to share her Christmas list with him; Kate was scared stiff! It was hard to get her anywhere near him!

Drew wears an outfit that Curtis's mom made for Curtis!

Our Christmas Eve picture at Faith Presbyterian
The girls held their own candles!

Drew was mesmerized!

One of our traditions: the kids opened one gift on Christmas Eve. Warm pajamas for Drew; mermaid tail blanket for Kate; unicorn hooded blanket for Anna! They loved it!

Another tradition: cake for Jesus every Christmas!
On Christmas Day, I documented Drew "opening" this gift.
400 ball pit balls!!!
He was in ball heaven! It was hard to get him to open other gifts after that!
I'm not going to be able to document all of their gifts because our families were very generous, but I'll point out a few things. The girls loved listening on their new headphones!

Even Drew gave it a whirl! :)
Twister was a big hit, too!
I got the movie Home Alone from the white elephant gift exchange and I showed it to the kids. They loved it! We realized Drew kinda looks like Macaulay Culkin too!
Here they are in front of the Christmas tree on Christmas Day. After all the gifts were opened. I think they loved Christmas this year!
But it wasn't over yet! Papa came to town the day after Christmas for a few days and we had a lot of fun with him! The girls made homemade pizza with him.
They also put together a gingerbread house!
I hope you guys enjoyed celebrating Christmas too! Happy New Year too! 

December 12, 2019


I started off the month going to a women's retreat at a sister church in Fishers. It was so refreshing as we worshipped, learned more about God, and had fun together! My favorite part was the exercise and dancing with drumsticks! These are a few of my new friends that I've gotten to know over the last few months as I've taken on a new role in our presbytery.
The next week, we had an RUF event that we called "RUFriendsgiving." Curtis included a tradition from his family where everyone would write things that they were thankful for on leaves. I thought the tree turned out really nice!
Here's our group! This was the first time we've done this event, but I'm pretty sure we're going to continue doing it in future years.
The next week, Kate performed in her first program - a Thanksgiving one! She did a really good job with singing and her hand motions! She kept her eyes on the teacher the whole time! I think she didn't want to mess up. :)
For Thanksgiving, we stayed at home and had 1 friend come over. We had such a great time that we didn't take any pictures. It was delicious though! 
Next up, my birthday came and I got to celebrate with some of my dear friends, which is pretty rare. I think the last time was 5 years ago! It's been encouraging to see that even though many friends from that time have moved away, God has been kind in providing me new friends now. We went to Merlin's Beard, a restaurant known for all their board games and played together! 
I also was celebrated with my family!
What a great month!!

November 5, 2019

Halloween Family Fun

The weekend before Halloween we carved 2 pumpkins without students! I loved this picture of Drew and Curtis together.
Kate had a specific idea for her pumpkin and insisted that the mustache must go above the nose. Here she is proudly displaying her final result:
Here is Anna's:
A sister picture!!
We went to a Trunk or Treat where we had better weather than it was forecasted for Halloween night. 
Buzz Lightyear, Ariel, "Rainbow Sunshine" unicorn
Our little Buzz discovered candy and he has been requesting it ever since!
Anna had some rainbow face painting!
Kate had a butterfly!
Fast forward to Halloween! It was the first snow of the season (and too soon, in my opinion). I took this picture while we were waiting for Anna to get home from the bus! You can at least see the snow in my hair.
And then the kids were ready with a few costume changes. Anna stayed the same, but Kate appropriately changed into Princess Elsa and Drew was Lion-O (our deceased pet cat).
We thought this costume would be warmer in the snow!
We took one outside for better lighting though the girls were done with pictures and ready to get candy!
Curtis and I took turns going up to the doors with the kids while the other person stayed warm in the van. It was very cold and most people decided not to trick-or-treat this year. The good news for us? We have more candy than we need! By the end, the girls stopped carrying their buckets because they were too heavy. Don't be surprised if we offer you candy for the next 2 months if you come to our house. ;)
It's been a little while, but here's one more comparison shot to show each child in the Lion-O costume on their second Halloween (2014, 2016, 2019). Drew's wearing a bowtie instead of the pink bow!