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September 1, 2009

Remembering Saint Louis

Now that we are in Savannah, we've been finding some pictures of good friends from St. Louis and places we visited in St. Louis:

Curtis had asked me where I would want to visit in St. Louis before we left and I had always wanted to visit the Jewel Box in Forest Park. We went on one of our final days in St. Louis, only to find that it wasn't as wonderful as I had imagined in my head. Still, it was a beautiful little green house that was built a long time ago. It was nice to look at and I'm glad that I can finally say that I have been.

Jessica Lyle, a fellow neighbor and seminary student, has become one of my best friends. While I was in St. Louis, I prayed and asked the Lord to provide me with a good friend, and my prayer was answered with my friendship with Jessica. I am excited for her as she will be an intern with RUF at the University of South Carolina starting in January. We're excited that we will only be a few hours away from each other.

This picture was taken on our last night in St. Louis with some of my favorite women: Riva, Kami, BeCa, and Jessica! Each of these women went to my church and either were seminary students or worked to support a seminary student (like me!).

These two ladies (fellow seminary wives) were some of my good friends that I met with every Sunday: Esther & Robyn. This was Esther's last night in St. Louis before they left for her husband, Gavin, to start an internship at a church in Washington, D.C. (a month before we left).

Ironically enough, this picture matches each of the ladies above to their respective husband. Curtis was good friends with these guys - Gavin & Brandon. They also would meet each Sunday night.

Although we already do miss these friends, we are looking forward to making more good friends in Savannah.

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