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November 29, 2010

My Dad's Special Birthday Gift

My dad turned the ripe age of 60 on November 6th. As I thought about this milestone in my father's life, I got a great idea from one of my dear friends, Kaylen. I was hoping to create a booklet with sweet messages from family and friends about what my dad meant to 60 different people. Two months before his birthday, I sent out emails, facebook messages and even a letter to try to reach as many people as I could. Praise the Lord - I ended up with 77 messages for my dad! I feel like I learned so much about my dad through this gift and it was so neat to be able to see how many lives my dad has touched through his godly example.

I entitled the booklet "What Does My Dad Mean To You?" and I presented it to him when I went home for Thanksgiving. Both my dad and I were tearing up as he read some of the messages. Curtis was sweet enough to take a picture of this moment (see above). Even though it was a few weeks late, I think my dad really loved my gift!

I am so thankful for all the 76 others that participated in this gift and kept it a secret for almost 3 months! If you were one of these people, please feel free to talk to my dad about it now. I think this will be a gift that he will cherish for the rest of his life.


  1. Very cool idea, Margaret. But did the extra 17 people not make the cut?

    Nice blog BTW. This was my exact layout for mine for a couple of years before I revamped it this summer.

  2. Thanks Joe! All 77 made the book! :)

    Thanks for the compliment about my blog, I should revamp mine at some point.