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February 1, 2011

Our 1st Try at Skiing

During MLK weekend, Curtis took 10 teenagers (ranging from ages 14-18) and 4 other chaperones (including myself) on a ski trip. We traveled to a resort called WinterPlace in West Virginia. Curtis and I have never skied before so we knew it would be quite an adventure.

Most of the kids were thrilled just to see the snow - one decided to snowboard and some others decided to snow tube only. I am very thankful that I took the ski lesson before attempting to ski - I think that helped me to avoid getting seriously hurt. Unfortunately, some of our youth had a few injuries and sicknesses along the way but I think everyone had a great time overall.

I learned that I am not a big risk-taker. I think about all the potential things that could go wrong and I get very scared as I'm flying down a mountain. Curtis, on the other hand, was exhilarated as he flew down the mountain and enjoyed learning a new way to exercise. I often find him in the skiing pose in his free time. He can't wait to go back.

Thanks to some of the Grace families that let us borrow their ski wear. Without that, we would have been very cold Savannahians.

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  1. I'm more a snowboarder myself. I have only been skiing once, and I was TERRIBLE haha!