Margaret (Curtis) McDaniel + Curtis McDaniel = Curtis.Squared

March 16, 2011

WIC Presentation with Mrs. Warren

I had the opportunity to speak for our monthly WIC meeting yesterday.  Rachel, our WIC (Women In the Church) President, asked me to share with the ladies about my mentoring relationship with my dear friend, Mrs. Warren.  Rachel even requested that Mrs. Warren could share more about mentoring me from her perspective.  So, Mr. & Mrs. Warren came to Savannah for this special event.  It was a precious time to reminisce about our relationship that began when I was 9 (yes, that was 17 years ago...crazy!)  We spent Friday evening getting our Powerpoint presentation ready and we practiced in front of Curtis and Mr. Warren.  I think the presentation went well and I pray that the women at Grace church are encouraged to develop mentor relationships with some of the younger women in the church.


  1. Dear Margaret,
    It was a joy to share with you the blessings of being in a Mentoring relationship. You did a wonderful job. It has also encouraged us to be able to spend time with you and Curtis. Love, Mrs. W.

  2. Hi Margaret,
    I pray the lock in will be a blessing and Curtis will be able to relate the message and love of Christ to the students in a tangible way. I pray someone will have a deeper understanding and Curtis will be able to encourage all who attend in a more committed walk with our Savior. I pray he is encouraged himself as well. I looked for the strawberry salad you served, but couldn't find it. The strawberries were on sale so I've been adding them to our salads and thinking of you. Love, Mrs. W.