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October 7, 2011

Meet Our Kitten "Lion-O"

I went to Florida to visit my family last weekend and I came back with a new addition!

Here he is in action!
As you know, we haven't had much luck with our newest additions lately.  So, we decided to try one more time.  Instead of a dog or a baby, we opted to adopt a 4-month old rescue kitten that we named Lion-O.  (This is a Thundercats reference) 
 He really loves to snuggle next to Curtis' leg.
 He is very playful!  He loves to play with the toy that Uncle Benny gave him.  You can see how tiny he is compared to the hamper.  When I took Lion-O to the vet, they told me he weight 5.25 pounds.
 He is a very attractive kitten.  Do you see his little beauty mark?  He looks very similar to Regis, the cat that I grew up with for the last 6 years before I got married.
It's pretty impossible not to love this little guy.

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