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December 16, 2011

Birthday Celebration with Friends

 So, the fun just kept on going right through the weekend.  We had 11 of my closest friends celebrate with me at Jalapeno's!  In the above picture, I'm wearing a lot of my birthday gifts - red shirt (Megan, Curtis' sister), cardigan (Curtis), bracelets (Megan), earrings, not really shown (parents), and shoes, not shown (Curtis).
 Here I am with Jen. :)
 Here's Curtis with Chris (Jen's husband).
 And here is the entire group! Miguel, Laura, Sarah, Curtis, Chris, Allen, Heather, Becca, Jen, Me, Amy, Jim.
 Miguel & Laura
 Amy & Jim
 Sarah acting like she has James with her. (We missed you James!)
 Allen & Heather
 Chris & Jen
 Becca with her "date" :)
 and us!  While we were there - all of the sudden the music changed and the waitresses came out with this HUGE pink sombrero for my birthday and a shot of tequila:

 It really caught me off guard!
 After I learned the appropriate way to take a tequila shot, I attempted!  But apparently, I still didn't take it the right way because I only took a sip of the shot, LOL.  It was too much for me!
We headed back to our house to play games and eat cake after dinner.  My sweet friend, Laura, baked me a chocolate chip cookie cake.  It was delicious!  I had a great birthday and I felt very loved by family and friends.

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