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June 27, 2013

We've moved!

We left our beautiful home in Savannah on June 18 to begin our journey to West Lafayette that would end on June 19.  Curtis drove the moving truck with Lion-O.  I took our little Civic with Anna and Grandma.  Grandma helped out so much, she was a lifesaver!

On both sides of the trip, we had people helping us move out/in.  It was very hard to say goodbye to so many sweet people that we've come to love over the past 4 years in Savannah.  It was encouraging to see how many people in Indiana (from our new church family or from RUF at Purdue) were willing to help us out, even though they may not have even met us yet!

Here's Anna's take on the whole thing (with the help of Grandma):

We are really excited about our new house!  
Outside (angle 1)
Outside (angle 2)

We think that it's going to be very practical for our plans in RUF.  We wanted to have large, open common areas so that we are able to invite students over to our home.  We also wanted to have a basement where Curtis could work from home.  We still have some work to do around the house, but here's a picture of most of the rooms:
Master bedroom (angle 1)
 Master bedroom (angle 2) - you can see our full bath and walk-in closet
 Anna's Nursery (angle 1)
 Anna's Nursery (angle 2)
 Anna's Nursery (angle 3) - she has a large walk-in closet and it is completely filled with all her clothes
 Guest Bathroom
 Stairs leading to main floor
 Living Room I (angle 1) - we still need to buy a TV!
Living Room I (angle 2)
 Living Room I & II (angle 1)
Living Room I & II (angle 2)
 Living Room II (angle 1)
Living Room II (angle 2) - you can see the Dining Room in the background and the Basement door
 Dining Room
Screened-in Porch - pond view! 
Kitchen (angle 1) 
Kitchen (angle 2) - Dining Room in background
 Stairs leading to Basement
 Laundry Room and Full Bath (in Basement)
 College Hangout (in Basement) - we hope to get a futon and eventually a TV
 Curtis' Office (yes, he's got a pretty good setup)
 And of course, I had to add in Anna.  She waited so patiently for me to finish taking all these pictures! :)

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  1. Margaret, I'm so jealous y'all are already unpacked. I am surrounded by cardboard boxes :o) I'm using the tips you shared with me!