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September 23, 2013

7 Months. Where did the time go?

Anna Banana is now 7 months old.  Curtis and I are still amazed how time flies!
Milestones this month include getting her ears pierced, switching from pacifier to thumb sucking, eating a variety of food (bananas, apples, mangoes, peas, carrots, oatmeal, rice, green beans, avocados, sweet potatoes), biting her lower lip, using her back leg muscles to prepare for crawling, and getting excited when she sees Lion-O.  She also met her aunts (blog post to come soon)!  For those of you ready to see some pictures, I have included a large selection:

Yummy avocado!
Hanging out with Hazel
Spending time with all of the Allen kids (Hazel, Jonah, Gideon)
Chilling in the laundry basket
Flapping her wings
Kissing/Licking her Mommy
Biting her lip
It's getting more challenging to get Anna to sit still for her monthly photos.

Now her headband is like a long bow tie

Getting awfully close to crawling

And these last few just make me melt!!!

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