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October 29, 2013

8 months!

Anna is now 8 months old.  The milestones and special memories this month include the following:
1. Saying her first consonant sound (a "G")
2. Crawling two different ways (in a breakdance/worm fashion and eventually the normal crawling you think of)
3. Cutting her first 2 teeth
4. Sitting up after crawling
5. Meeting her great grandmother "Nana" [Side note: She passed away 3 weeks later and we're heading to St. Louis this weekend for her funeral]
6. Visiting her first pumpkin patch
7. Attending her first Purdue football game
We now need a babysitter to go out to eat at a restaurant (unless it's fast food) because she gets bored being in the same place.  We think she understands what a kiss is because she has started kissing us back with a squealing sound and embracing our faces.  
Her personality is really starting to come out!
She loves music!  Playing her piano
She likes to take her books off the shelf.
Look at all this hair coming in!  We say she likes books like her Daddy and shoes/purses like her Mommy.  (Although she likes to eat them, not read/wear them!)
She got her first Halloween card in the mail.  She found it rather tasty.  Thanks, Grandma and Granddad!
The layering of clothing has started to prepare for the fall/winter.

She now knows what grass is.
Look out world!

What a happy baby!

She has also started lifting her arms up for us to hold her.  This was right when Daddy walked in the room!
She loves spending time with Daddy.  What an eventful month!

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