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October 15, 2013

Anna Meets Aunts

In September, Anna had the opportunity to meet her aunts (both of Curtis' sisters) for the first time.  Megan and Heather graciously took time off work to come visit us in West Lafayette.  We did lots of fun things with them - Anna and I took Heather to Purdue's campus and the mall.  We had a McDaniel girls day where we walked around downtown Lafayette and went shopping.  We also went to the Farmer's Market, got some froyo and watched the new Star Trek movie. 

Anna absolutely loved them!  Check out these pictures as proof.
Aunt Heather
Aunt Megan
Silly Aunt Heather - she put a beard on her :)

This is the smile that her aunts were given in the back seat.
She blends right in with the McDaniel family. Check out these photo booth goofy shots below.

 We mimicked Anna's facial expressions.


As you can see, we had tons of fun with Aunt Megan and Aunt Heather. :)

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