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October 29, 2013

Exploring a Real Pumpkin Patch

We traveled to a little town called Brookston, Indiana to go to our first real pumpkin patch as a family.  We invited some of our neighbors along with us.
This pumpkin was 1,189 pounds!
Family shot
A John Deere in action.  Bringing in fresh picked pumpkins!
We're not in Savannah anymore.
You can see the pumpkins growing in the back left field behind Anna.  This was a precious shot. She was cold so it was hard to get some good smiles. :)  She just loves biting that bottom lip now!
We searched high and low for the perfect McDaniel pumpkin.  I'm holding the one that we chose!
Caroline is one of Anna's good friends.  They love to spend time together.  Caroline took a long time picking which pumpkin she wanted also.  Ours is on the left, Caroline's is on the right.
We also explored a corn maze.  We kept getting lost!
Anna was interested in the corn... well as her friend, Caroline!
We had a really fun time. :)

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