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October 16, 2013

Quick Trip to Visit Nana

Curtis' Nana has not been doing so well (health wise) for a while, so we had the chance to travel to Pennsylvania so she could meet her only great grandchild in early October.
I think they liked each other. :)
In fact, Anna's outfit matched Nana's skirt.
Thought this video was absolutely precious.
 While we were there, Anna also got to meet Belle.  They were both very excited about this.
We were able to see Aunt Megan and Aunt Heather's new apartment, too.  Anna loved grabbing Megan's hair (that she later cut off that day).
Aunt Heather and Anna were goofy together.
We got to celebrate Megan's birthday together as a whole family.  It was a special time! 
I even got a chance to see one of my dearest friends from high school - Rebecca!  She was able to meet us up in the short hour that we had.  It was her first time meeting Anna.
It was also all of our first times meeting her husband, Trae!  The time flew by, but the time together was really fun.

Before we knew it, we were back in Indiana.  And I think we are actually starting to call it home now. :)

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  1. Absolutely precious! I love Anna and her Nana's matching outfits. :)