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March 24, 2014

Anna turns ONE

So, this post is a little late, but Anna turned 1 year old on February 23.  Some of the milestones from that month included saying "Mama," discovering earrings, walking with her push toy and laughing as she goes, playing with a ball and rolling it back to people.  She's becoming more clingy and cries when her parents aren't around.  She also is more content to sit on our lap instead of always being on the go.

On her actual day of birth, we were at RUF Winter Conference and she had around 73 college students sing to her. (Note: It takes a little time to load)

We decided it was time for a professional photo shoot to document her first year.  Enjoy!
Her usual pose with her giraffe!
Her birthday party was a Disney Frozen/Winter ONE-derland theme, so this group of pictures goes along with it:

 I love how it looks like she's holding up a 1 in this picture!
 I loved the way these pictures turned out with the ONE letters:

 Enjoying her new Olaf book (from the movie Frozen):

 We also took some family pictures.  We read her the Jesus Storybook Bible often.

 Lastly, we got a few shots with the special "Hope" necklace that I purchased after my miscarriage with Brooks in the hopes that I would have a daughter to give it to one day.  I plan on giving it to Anna Hope! :) 

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