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June 4, 2014

SuCo 2014

We went to Panama City Beach, Florida for our annual RUF Summer Conference (aka "SuCo") with 11 of our students.  
I love how they made their mark on the beach with the P for Purdue. :)
I didn't get to take many pictures of the actual conference since I was mainly with Anna Banana.  I had a great time meeting fellow RUF campus minister wives and their children.  Curtis and our students let me know how amazing the seminars and sermons were!  Two of my favorite things about the conference - 1) Seeing our students'  lives change for Christ and 2) Watching our students love Anna well.  I can't wait to do it again!
Anna was especially clingy to her daddy since she didn't get to see him as much.
Elizabeth spent lots of time with Anna!  
Anna got to explore sand for the first time.

  She loved the beach!
 During this week, she started to take some of her first steps.  She got plenty of practice on the sand.

One day, several of us sported the same RUF Purdue t-shirts so we made sure to document it. :)
 Our students created an assembly line to fill up a pool for Anna and other children to play in.  It was quite the labor of love!
Anna was very happy with the pool.
  Zach spent some time with Anna.

 He even buried her!
 Lauren observed the correct way to suck pureed fruit out of a little squeeze container.
 Her sunglasses captured it well!
 It was so refreshing to be on the beach after such a harsh winter in Indiana.
 Anna made some friends with some of the other RUF children.
 Last but not least, RUF at Purdue won the sandcastle competition for the second year in a row!  Those engineers sure know how it's done!
  The theme was "Animal Kingdom" and our students decided to sculpt Aslan on the slab (from Chronicles of Narnia).  Below, it says "In your word, I am known by another name."  They did an awesome job!

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