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May 9, 2015

Kate's 1 Month!

Kate experienced lots of things in her first month of life!  She met some family members and celebrated Easter.  We decided to select the stuffed tuxedo cat, "Lion-O," to be her size comparison/friend during her first year of life since he passed away the day before her 1 month birthday.
She met her Aunt Heather.  We were so thankful for her arrival because she took care of Anna while we were still in the hospital.  She did an excellent job!
She met Grammy & Papa right after we got home from the hospital.
Her big sister can't get enough of her!  She wants to hold her and give her kisses every day.  Whenever she wakes up, she asks for Kate.  It is really precious!  Here they are - using their favorite sucking item of choice.
She got all dressed up for Easter.
Our little family on Easter :)
This was a pretty regular occurrence in our home.  Mommy taking care of Kate while Anna watches Scooby Doo.  

I tried to re-create the monthly picture of Anna to see how similar they were.  They look pretty similar, but I can definitely tell the difference between them!  I'm not sure if I will always be able to re-create the monthly picture, but I will try for now.  Prepare yourself now for May 18th! :)
And here's a lovely outtake for you to enjoy!

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