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June 18, 2015

3 Months of Joy.

Kate had been smiling before this month, but I'd have to say that her smiles are becoming more often this month.  And it's my favorite part of her last month!

During her 3rd month, she has met family (Great Uncle David, Great Aunt Tina, Cousin Luke, Great Aunt Diane), gone on 2 out-of-state trips to St. Louis and Pittsburgh and had her first babysitters.  

She has a very loud cry to let you know when she's not happy.  Curtis especially heard a lot of her crying as we transitioned her to taking a bottle of milk on occasion.  We've learned she's quite particular and has expensive taste!  She prefers latex bottle nipples that are discontinued and hard to find.  On a positive note, she now can take bottles and she's becoming a really good sleeper, which are blessings from the Lord.  

Anna (left) and Kate (right) at 3 months:
They're definitely sisters!!

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