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October 8, 2015

Kate: Half Year Birthday!

My little baby is already half a year old! (Kate is on the right in this comparison shot of both girls.)
She can roll from back to tummy, sit up unassisted and she's started eating some solid food.  It's amazing how much faster everything feels when you have an older child to take care of also!  At her 6 month appointment, the doctor said that she was the size of your average 4 month old (15 pounds, 24.75 inches tall).  She's petite like me!
Kate already has a little admirer, Jonah.  Every time he sees a baby, he says "baby Kate."
As you can see, she's thinks he's a pretty cool guy too!
Kate has also started eating our faces, we love it!

Here's that solid food that she's starting to eat:
She has fallen asleep our one of our students, Peter, several times during RUF ministry team meetings.  I think it's a highlight for him! :)
She especially loves to spend time with her sister.  Every morning, the first thing the girls do is hang out on our bed and greet each other.  Here's a few to capture their relationship together:

Kate has been happy to be a prop in Anna's re-enactments of The Lion King:
She also is musically-inclined.  She enjoys playing her piano.

I thought this was a cool picture that Anna took while I was talking to one of our babysitters before we left for a date:
And lastly, I will leave you with her little photo shoot in honor of her 6 months of life!  The last ones are great - she puts everything in her mouth and that includes the 6 month sticker. Enjoy!

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