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November 16, 2015

7 Month Kate

Time seems to be getting away from me as I struggle to keep up with monthly posts with our second. Kate is such a delight!  
7 months (Anna on left, Kate on right)
She seems to be taking after me as she plans and organizes very early.  She's already started helping her older sister plan her 3rd birthday party that will take place in February!  

She's becoming quite the little model.  See pictures below for some samples for her portfolio.

She takes over the wheel when she rolls with Anna.

 She gives her Daddy the biggest smiles.

I get the saddest faces ever after bath time.

We went on a special day trip to Chicago.  It was Kate's first experience (outside of the womb) and I think she was content with the big city.

She is beginning to love her "big friends" much like Anna.  We had a weekend retreat and a pumpkin carving event where some of our students got to spend some extra time with her.

Lastly, some extras from our photo shoot for her 7 month birthday.

And one final one for comparison (Anna on left, Kate on right):
They look similar, but they definitely have their own looks. :)

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