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November 17, 2015


We had some excited girls for Halloween!
Anna in 2013 (left) and Kate this year (right)
I put Kate in the same giraffe costume that Anna wore for her first Halloween.
Anna (left), Kate (right)
We were able to get one family photo where we are all looking at the camera.  This is rare!  Anna was dressed as a kangaroo with a little joey.
Kate was a pretty good sport even though it was a hand-me-down.
She didn't get much action since she was in the stroller during the trick-or-treating but that didn't put a damper on her mood.
Anna, on the other hand, made out like a bandit!
 She really enjoyed trick-or-treating with her best friend, Hannah.
They were so happy together!
I loved her little tail!
I think Anna's favorite part was all the candy that she received! We've been using the candy as rewards for potty training.  It has worked quite well! We are almost out of candy (as of 11/17) and she is almost completely trained!

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