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January 19, 2016

10 months with Kate

It's hard to believe that our little girl is already 10 months old! We are in the process of planning for Anna and Kate's birthday parties.  It's going to be busy over here!
Since Anna's 10 month photo was in a Christmas outfit, I thought this was the perfect time to put Kate in one of her own outfits that was never worn by Anna.  Thanks Ryan & Emily Fields!  For comparison purposes, I will attach Christmas outfit below:
Anna (left) and Kate (right) at 10 months
Our little girls are very different in personality and they are beginning to reflect that in their physical traits also.  They do look like sisters though!  Kate is very interested in the world around her, particularly with toys.
Most of this month was spent in Florida and Georgia.  You can see those 6 posts below!  She celebrated her first Christmas and New Years this month.  She also met her Great Uncle Rick, Great Uncle David, and all of her living Great Grandparents!  I think she is particularly fond of the warm weather and wearing less layered clothing like her mom does!  She has been getting really good at army crawling and is beginning to crawl the normal way a little bit too.  She is able to stand with some assistance, but she isn't pulling up yet.
I love these little legs!
She still doesn't have any teeth!  Here's a few extra pictures of her at 10 months:

I'm not sure why she does this, but she raises one arm often (like the image below).  We like to say that she is praising the Lord!
Everything seems to go in the mouth!

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