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January 16, 2016

Christmas & Vacay (Part 1)

We anticipated Jesus' birth throughout the month of December and then we had this amazing chocolate chip cookie cake to celebrate!
Anna just loves singing the happy birthday song so we sang it every. time. until the cake was gone.
Kate looked so cute in her Christmas dress for Christmas Eve.  
Confession: I forgot to take a picture of Anna before she went to bed.

Anna was so happy with her trampoline and play kitchen that she just kept going back-and-forth between them all morning. (Note: Sorry about the play icon, it's not actually a video.)
The next day, we flew to Florida to see most of my family for Christmas! 
(Note: I'm going to break this trip up because it was SO a good way.)
Kate fell asleep on the last leg of the flight.
And then they saw their cousins!  Here's Kate with her oldest cousin Charlotte.
Adelie and Kate
This was the first time that Grandma and Grandad were able to be with all 6 of their grandchildren!
From left to right: Charlotte (7), Adelie (5), Anna (2), Grandma, Willoughby (1), Grandad, Kate (9m), Penelope (2).
Penelope and Anna were born 6 days apart!
We tried to take some family pictures, but the girls didn't quite cooperate.

Curtis was a great sport as Anna and his 3 nieces covered him in jewelry.

Uncle Tim, Kate, and Willoughby
This was actually Anna's first time meeting all of her cousins!  We explained to her that they were "little friends that are related to you, but not your sister."  Anna loved spending time with them.  Here she is with Adelie.
All of the girls posed for a picture.
My family and my brother Tim's family!
A few days later, we said goodbye as Tim's family traveled back to Texas.  They were sorely missed.

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