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January 16, 2016

Kate: same time in as out

Our little Kate turned 9 months old on December 18th.  It has been a busy month so I am just getting to this even though she is about to celebrate her 10th month of life in 2 days!  During this month, she started army crawling.  She loves to make lots of noise during meal times and she still has that toothless grin.
She celebrated her first Thanksgiving.  We stayed in town and had a special meal just with our family.  
She is a very happy baby!
I tried to take a picture of their matching turkey dresses (thanks Grandma!), but it's pretty difficult to get these 2 on the same page.
Curtis was digging into the Black Friday ads in this one. :)
Here's a comparison shot - Anna on left (2013) and Kate on right (2015).
She also got very, very sick. we took her to the doctor.  I love her pose in this one!
Kate healed pretty quickly after she was given a nebulizer.  Doctor said she may be asthmatic if she has this happen 2 more times in the year.  Hopefully, she won't take after Grandad or Aunt Heather!
Sisterly love continues to grow.
We celebrated Christmas with RUF at Purdue students.
Here's a 2 year comparison shot where Curtis and I are wearing the same outfits and Kate is wearing Anna's.  I thought that was pretty neat!
Growing up so fast!
We had a special baking time with some of the girls in RUF.  I think both of my girls love to be around their "big friends!"
Here's a few more of her 9 month shots:

Anna (left) and Kate (right) at 9 months.
That completes the month!

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