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January 18, 2016

Vacay (Part 3): Meeting Great Grandparents

During our trip, Kate met all of her living great-grandparents!  I didn't even realize that until I started this post, that's pretty awesome.
Here she is meeting her Great Grandmom!

4 generations
Here she is with "GG" (Great Granddaddy) and me! Before we met the rest, we had some down time.
We went down to the pool to check out the water.
Anna enjoyed it so much she continued to strip down until she was naked.  We decided we wouldn't put any of those up, but it was hilarious!
We played crochet in the backyard while Grandad hung out with princess Kate in her John Deere outfit (specially worn just for Grandad).
The next day, we went over to Grandpa and Sheila's new house.  Sheila really enjoyed getting to spend time with Kate!

Here's our attempt at a picture with all of us, it's not the best angle, but we did it!  We were glad to spend time and make memories with more of our family while we were visiting Florida. :)

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