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January 18, 2016

Vacay (Part 6): Catherine's Wedding

Catherine is kind of a big deal in my life.  She is a selfless friend that has pointed me to Jesus for the last 10 years.  She was one of my last roommates before I got married.  I think I probably act the goofiest around this girl (but I think it's amplified with Kelly)!  She was one of my bridesmaids when I got married almost 8 years ago.  And here's some documentation of that:
Oh - and she was one of the reasons we named our daughter Katherine ("Kate")!  So...I was honored (to say the least) that I was asked to be a bridesmaid in her wedding on January 9th.
I didn't get the chance to meet Julian until the day before the wedding, but he is a perfect match for Catherine!
Kate and I traveled down to Boca with Jenna McMicken (pictured above) and her lovely family.  That night, we had Catherine's bachelorette tea party! It was so fun!
On wedding day, we had a party bus to take us around because the bridal party was. that. BIG!
15 bridesmaids (it would have been 17 if everyone could have come!)
12 groomsmen!
It was a beautiful day for a wedding. 
Jenna, Catherine and I spent LOTS of time together back in college!
Catherine, Kelly & I formed a prayer group in college.  It really encouraged and refreshed me!  I actually showed Catherine her prayer requests given to me exactly 8 years before on her wedding day.
Barb was a new friend to me, but I had heard so much about her that it didn't seem that I had just met her.  She and I were both roommates to Catherine!
Brandy and I also connected well over the weekend!
In fact, Brandy, Grayson (Catherine's little sister) and I all had picked the same dress.  
Note: Catherine gave us 20 dress styles to choose from, but some of us chose the same ones.
The marriage ceremony was beautifully done and very worshipful.  It was so rewarding to see God answer a long-awaited prayer request!
Meanwhile, back at the hotel...the babysitters must have exhausted Kate.  I found her like this.
But I woke her up and we had a great time at the reception!
Tiffany and her son Owen danced with us before the bride and groom left!  It was so much fun!  The next day, Kelly drove Kate and I back to Orlando where we flew back to Indiana.
Kate clearly had enough - she passed out on the flight and was very happy to be reunited with Curtis and Anna.  And that's all folks!!  It only took 6 posts to complete our 16 day trip! Haha.

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