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February 22, 2016

Jinkies! Anna is 3!

On Saturday, we celebrated Anna's 3rd birthday a little early.

OK, so I don't think I'm particularly skilled in planning birthday parties but I heavily took from other people that I saw on Pinterest.  After scouring various Scooby Doo parties online, I tried to select the easiest things to replicate.  So here's all the details and the fun that took place...
Monster juice!! Blue raspberry lemonade and gummy worms.

We had Scooby Dogs for lunch.

All of Anna's favorite snacks with a Scooby Doo twist on the names. 
Carrot Capers (Carrots with ranch dip), Pesky Pretzels, Scooby Snacks (Graham crackers), Goblin Grapes, Ghosty Gummies (Scooby Doo fruit snacks).  
A special thank you to our big friend, Kevin Bock, who graduated from Purdue (involved in our ministry with RUF) and sent us lots of fruit snacks for our party!  He works with Scooby Doo fruit snacks at General Mills in Minneapolis.

Our favorite pictures of Anna during her 3rd year.

The whole Mystery Inc. gang on the gift table.

Our favors, the "doggie bags"

All sorts of Scooby Doo yummies inside!

The birthday girl and her daddy :)

Anna was really groovin' to the music as her little friends arrived to the party!

Enjoying her food!

The guests!

And then I asked them to follow me to the refrigerator to look at the Scooby Doo cake.  Oh no!  It's missing!  It looks like we had a mystery to solve!

"The cake is gone. What should you do? You'll find that I took them and hid them from you.  It's hard to believe, but a mystery is due.  The best way to find them is to get all the clues! Anna's birthday party is quite fun, you have to admit.  Go to the piñata and give it a hit!" So off then went to the piñata...

We took lots of fun slow-mo videos, but I will just show you the before...

...and the after!  We broke the bat, the top of Scooby no longer hung, and we had Gideon and Hazel continue hitting until it was opened! Haha!  The kids were excited when all the candy (and the next clue) came out.

Gideon was a big help!  He read all the clues for us.  Here's what clue #2 said:
"Now you'll need to use your head! The next clue will be found when you solve the puzzle with the sled."

Here's the puzzle they were about to solve.

They all worked together!

Others were happy to enjoy the candies from the piñata.

Including Anna :)

We took a family shot (minus Kate) during this activity.

The puzzle was completed and another clue was found underneath the table!
"You'll notice that Scooby's dog tag is gone.  Surely you know what to do.  Pin his dog tag back in the right place, and you'll get another clue."

So off the gang went....

I guess we were so focused on putting the dog tags on that we forgot to take any pictures during it!  But here's how it looked at the end.  Elena and Gideon were the closest to the right spot. :)
Another clue was found behind the picture:
"With so many friends to help you out, you'll solve this mystery without a doubt! Go back to the place where you began and find the treasure. I know you can!"

So they arrived back at the refrigerator and found the Scooby Doo cake and a Freddy figurine holding a sign that says "Well, gang, I guess that wraps up this mystery!"
Thank you to Grammy for providing the Scooby Doo cake pan.  With a lot of help from my good friend, Magda, I baked and decorated this cake! It was a lot of fun, but also a lot of work! I may go back to paying people to do it in the future! After the party was over, Curtis asked Anna what her favorite part of the party was and she said "the cake," so perhaps I will re-consider doing it again. :)

As we sang "Happy Birthday" to her, Anna sang along as well.  I love this picture that Lou captured!  I do wish I would have gotten a good group shot, one of my only regrets.

The kids enjoyed the cake!

Then it was time to open presents.

Apparently, several kids decided to help open Anna's gifts! LOL

Anna gave several hugs to her friends as she thanked them for their gifts.  Penelope looked a little surprised!

Clara and Anna

Kate just thought about the fact that her first birthday party would be in just 4 weeks.

"I will be one soon!"

Anna's best friend, Hannah

Anna & Elena! Friends since they were just a few months old.

Anna's party was also very special because her Aunt Megan came in town to celebrate with her!  Many guests commented on how much they looked alike.  Anna is even wearing one of her old necklaces. :)
Before she left, we made sure to get a family shot of all of us with her boyfriend, Jonas.

It was such a fun party and we are so grateful for everyone who came out to celebrate our little girl!

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