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April 5, 2016

"One Year of Loving Kate"

We celebrated Kate's birthday at our house on March 19.  We decided the theme would be "One Year of Loving Kate."  This idea was given to me by a sweet friend (thanks Ali!) and I was able to save by purchasing most on clearance after Valentine's Day!  I had a lot of friends help with this party so I will be thanking many people throughout this.  I'll start with the fun party details...
The invitation.
Everything was set up for the smashing of the cake.

One of our students in RUF made this beautiful garland just for her party. (Thanks Katelyn!) 
I added all of her monthly photos to it.

Love signs!

Our regular babysitter works at a lovely bakery in town and she gave the smash cake to us for Kate's birthday. (Thanks Lyndee!)  

The cupcakes were decorated with one of my good friends who also helped with Anna's cake last month. She has amazing talent! (Thanks Magda!)

Healthy hearts! Cucumbers and carrots with ranch dip

The table, filled with lots of heart decorations.  Thanks Amy for the tablecloth and Hannah for the heart basket!

Our "love potion" punch, including some heart-patterned straws

The favors. Heart-shaped straws and lollipops!

A slideshow of my favorite 200 pictures of Kate's first year.

Family photos taken as we waited for guests to arrive.  We're standing in front of Kate's poster with details about her first year.

This one turned out pretty cute! Anna decided to give Curtis a kiss.

Grammy & Papa were there for the celebration!  Don't you love Papa's hat??

Aunt Heather also came for the special event!

And last but not least, Great Aunt Diane made an appearance!

Lots of Kate's "little friends" arrived.

I think they were having a good time!

We had a special craft: tie-dye hearts!  Thanks Katelyn for the suggestion from Pinterest! (Here's the instructions.)

Here's a few examples of the finished product.  I think they came out pretty well!

Birthday girl crawling around during the party

We sang.  Kate wanted to touch the flame!

"Before I dig in, I'd like to thank you all for coming here today."

She decided she preferred the edible gold glitter heart.

Her whole mouth was covered in glitter!

All her friends seemed more interested in the cake than she was!

And then it was time to open gifts.

She preferred the wrapping paper.

I tried to savor the moments with my little Kater-tot!

And here's a picture with the entire family that came for the party.  It was such a privilege to have so many family in town, especially since they live in 3 different states (South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Missouri)!

Ironically, she enjoyed her cake more that night when everyone was gone.

That little stinker!

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