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June 24, 2016

My Kind of Town, Chicago

It's an honor and a joy to spend another year with my sweet, godly husband.  We celebrated our 8th anniversary in Chicago last week!  It's one of our favorite places to go and we enjoyed a little bit of time without our girls.  Actually, it was the first time I'd ever been away from Kate!  Since this is our third time spending an anniversary in Chicago, we decided to mix it up by doing some of our favorite things from previous trips and adding a few new things too.
On our way, we stopped at Portillo's and tried our first Chicago-style hotdog.  It was delicious!
We stayed in a residential condo and walked on the first day.  We went to Millennium Park and kissed in front of the bean. :)  Curtis is also enjoying some of his favorite coffee from Intelligentsia!  
We tried some thai food and then went to another favorite place of ours - the Signature Room in the John Hancock building.
The views from the 95th story were breathtaking!
It gave us a great view of the entire city!
You definitely pay for the view.  Here's our dessert - $10 for this little thing.  I felt like I should take a picture just to get my money's worth, haha!
We had the opportunity to watch the sun set while we were there.

All the lights came on!

We took a selfie, but it didn't turn out too great!

On our way back, we decided we'd check out the bean in the night sky.  It was a lot less crowded and a nice new experience to add to our Chicago collection. :)
I don't usually keep track of my steps, but I was able to see from my phone that we walked over 18,000 steps in just a few short hours.  We were exhausted!  
The next day, we decided to rent bikes so that we could get around faster and see more of the city.  It was the best idea!  I took this picture while I was biking near the Riverwalk.  That's Curtis ahead of me!
We splurged and went on our first architectural tour and speedboat ride! It was probably one of the highlights of our trip.
It was the perfect day to go!
Navy Pier
Here's a few of the highlights...
Trump tower

The Chicago Lighthouse

We spent some time shopping at the Magnificent Mile and took a nice nap before we explored more.  

 We spent some time checking out Grant Park with our bike rentals.
Buckingham Fountain
...and of course, we finished the day with our favorite pizza at Lou Malnati's! We had some dessert and drinks at a pretty cool place called Howell's and Hood before we headed back to our condo.  Unfortunately, Curtis sprained his ankle when we returned the bikes, which made for a bit of a sad ending.  We left the next day early to get back to our girls.  Anna and Kate were taken care of well by the babysitter and we were happy to reunite!  

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