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June 20, 2016


Last month, our family traveled to Panama City Beach, Florida for the national RUF summer conference (aka SuCo).  Curtis taught one of the seminars each morning; his was on perfectionism.  While Curtis would work, all of his girls would play!  Anna especially loved the beach.
Whenever I looked out, this is what I saw.  She always had that shovel in hand, playing in the water or the sand. (Side note: Anna really isn't a big fan of having her picture taken lately so you'll notice a lot more pictures of Kate since she was OK with it.)
Kate had been sick for several weeks (including part of this week) and I think the beach really helped her to improve.  She was very content, especially when she was with her daddy.

I thought this was adorable! Kate just decided she wanted to eat the table.
We also enjoyed the heated pool!  The weather was perfect after a long cold season in Indiana.
Here's a shot of our family with our RUF at Purdue group.  I think all the students had a great time!
One night, we went out to eat with our students.  Kate was really excited about putting on daddy's Purdue hat.  She would smile so big!

Anna also had her turn with the hat and played peek-a-boo with Peter.  I thought this was such a sweet picture!
I think our family had a lovely time at the beach together and with our students.  We look forward to going back next year!

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