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March 11, 2017

Anna is 4!

On February 23, our little girl turned 4.  Actually, Anna will correct me - she's a big girl now!  We started the day with opening her gifts.  She was delighted with her big Elsa pillow.
And her "doggy purse"
In fact, so was her little sister!
She loved her Moana necklace that lights up (although now it only lights up when it wants to).
We went to a playground that she chose and then headed back for lunch and cake with Daddy.  She had a nice ice cream Snoopy cake!  We sang to her every time we had it and it lasted us for about a week.
She was pretty good at blowing the candles out!
A nice green ombre tutu was added to her collection.  As you can see, she's carrying several of her birthday gifts around for the rest of the day.
We went to the birthday girl's restaurant of choice for dinner: Chick-Fil-A!  Of course, her favorite part is trading in her kid's meal toy for ice cream. :)
The next day, we headed to Brown County State Park for the annual Midwest RUF Winter Conference.  It has become a special tradition that is always around Anna's birthday! She loves to see her big and little friends (college students and other campus minister's kids) and go to this indoor waterpark.
Anna enjoyed playing water volleyball with her Daddy.
 Kate was pretty excited about the pool too!

We celebrated her birthday (and Kate's) with family and friends the next weekend.  Blog post to come!

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