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March 18, 2017

Celebrating Kater Tot

Today, we celebrated Kate on her second birthday!  She wore the same outfit Grammy made that her sister wore for her second also.  (Oops, I guess I forgot about the matching bow!)
We started the day opening her gifts.  Anna made sure to help her whenever she could.
As Kate opened each gift, she would immediately want to start playing with them (or wearing them).  It was really funny!  
Kate started wearing her new bows from all her cousins and then she opened her favorite gift given to her: a puppy purse!  It was given to her from Anna.
This was very exciting for Kate because she had been eyeing Anna's since she got one for her birthday last month.
She also loved her new Doodle Pro!  I think Anna wants one now.  They love each other's toys!
Kate decided she wanted a cookie cake for her birthday.  She picked the colors herself!
I'd say she had a good time eating her cake.
She gives us so much delight!
 Anna also had a great time celebrating her little sister.
Life is so much fuller with these girls!
 Kate decided we should watch Moana while she plays with her new toy.
Surprise, surprise!  Kate also chose to go to Chick-Fil-A for her birthday much like her sister did last month.
Kate excitedly enjoyed her first ice cream while Anna begged for a taste!  (She did share.)  I'd say she had a very nice birthday with our little family. :)

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