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March 11, 2017

Joint Partay!

This year, we decided to have a birthday party for Anna and Kate together.  Their birthdays are about 3 weeks apart and they have the same friends so it just made sense.  I did the least amount of effort for this party and it was SO nice to have little stress and not try to plan a Pinterest party.
It did take me a little while to find my favorite pictures of Kate's 2nd year and Anna's 4th year:

I also chose my favorite picture of the girls for this banner:
Here it is closer up:
We went to a local gymnastics center called Malone's and I think both kids and adults had a blast!
Kate enjoyed the foam pit.
Some of us were adventurous and swung from the rope.
Kate especially liked telling Charlie where to go.  This was on the big trampoline!
Anna and Claire were so cute together!
 Candace, Clara, and Danielle had a good time on the trampoline too!
The kid table!  We had a little hiccup during the party where we almost didn't get pizza when we needed it.  Thankfully, Papa (and Papa John's) saved the day and we got the pizza in time!
 Simeon loved his cupcake!
So did Anna.  Although, Anna only ate the icing!
Kate couldn't really dig into the cupcake until she finished her pizza. :)
I thought it was cute to see Kate, Anna, Penelope & Hannah looking down at the gym.  I guess they didn't get enough time before we came up!
Here's our lovely shot of everyone.  It was really special that Curtis' mom, dad, sister and her boyfriend could come!
A shot of most of the littles:
It was nice spending the day with most of Curtis' family after the party was over.  We had so much fun that we didn't take many pictures!  We did get to swim in their hotel pool the next day before they left and the girls LOVED that!
I think Papa and Grammy did too. :)

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