Margaret (Curtis) McDaniel + Curtis McDaniel = Curtis.Squared

August 29, 2009

Settling into Savannah

It's been a little while since we last updated the blog. Our apologies - we do not have the internet until next week. We also can't seem to find our camera cord, so we are unable to upload pictures currently.

As for the actual move to Savannah, it went relatively smooth. I (Margaret) had my last day at KPMG in St. Louis on August 14 while Curtis packed most of our belongings. The Penske truck was loaded up within 2.5 hours in St. Louis on August 18th. We barely fit all of our stuff into the 16 foot truck, Curtis' car and my car. Some of our very good friends, the Lyles, graciously hosted our goodbye party at their apartment. We were able to say goodbye to lots of good friends and some family before our trek across half of the United States. Curtis and I think that night was one of of most memorable times while we were in St. Louis together.

The next morning we set out -- Curtis driving the Penske truck and trailer (carrying my car) that couldn't go faster than 55 mph, while I lead the way in his car. The trip took longer than we expected to get into Chattanooga where we planned to stay for the evening. We dined in a nice restaurant -- The Big River before heading straight to bed for the last half of the trip. The next day, we arrived in Savannah with 30+ church members from Grace (our new church home)waiting to help us unload the truck! It only took about 40 minutes for all of our belongings to make it into our apartment! Curtis preached a sermon on our first Sunday night that he entitled, "Great Expectations."

Now that we've settled in a little bit, we're really excited about being back in the southeast. Curtis loves that everyone greets you when you are on walks, I'm STOKED about the Publix (even if it is a little pricier than the Kroger), and we are looking forward to a warmer winter. Not to mention, we are so much closer to my side of the family. The church has done a really good job welcoming us. On Wednesday, Grace had a reception in our honor. Everyone seems to be excited about Curtis. He has already started meeting up with parents, youth, and volunteers to start planning for the Fall semester. I've also been able to meet up with some of the youth and volunteers and I have really loved getting to know everyone so far.

To give you an update on my job situation, I was fortunate to transfer to the Jacksonville office with KPMG. I will be working some of the time in Jacksonville and some in Savannah. I will be leaving on September 13th to start working for about 8 weeks before I will start working on Savannah clients. Pray for us during this time as it will be hard for me to be away from Curtis during this transition.