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April 23, 2013

Two Months

Anna is two months as of today!  I took her to the pediatrician and she now weighs 10 pounds, 6 ounces.  That means she's gained 1 pound and 11 ounces since last month.  She is healthy and doing well.  

Highlights this month: she takes 4 different types of pacifiers; she smiles, coos and laughs; she has started sleeping more during the night! :)

Here's her 2 month photo shoot with the giraffe.  I put her in her Gator outfit because she's almost too big for it now.

Notice the Gator pacifier!

Anna wants to give a special shout-out to her Grammie because it's her birthday today!

Anna's First Trip

While Curtis went to The Gospel Coalition in Orlando earlier this month, the rest of the family (me, Anna, Lion-O) went to visit my parents in Jacksonville.  It was Anna's first trip and she was able to meet lots of our family for the first time!
Aunt Millie and Elle loved holding Anna.  Elle said "I didn't realize babies could be so much fun!"  It was so sweet that they came up from Melbourne to see her. :)
Whenever Grandma can get the chance, she's holding Anna.  Anna and I agree - it's nice to have Grandma around.
Uncle Dan even held baby Anna!

I thought these pictures of her were very cute!
Mr. Warren came over to meet her and they were able to bond.
Mrs. Warren was happy to see her again!  She couldn't believe how much had changed in just two short weeks since she last saw her. :)
We took Anna to the park that I grew up near.
I think she enjoyed it as much as I did!
Grandma was all smiles!
Anna got to meet her first uncle - Uncle Benny!
  She liked him a lot!
Anna showing off a new outfit.
Cousin Jennifer couldn't get enough of her!  She couldn't wait to meet Anna.
Cousin Alan was particularly interested in Anna's headband.  He was determined to take it off her.
Cousin Jason also got a turn. :)
Great Aunt Ginger was able to spend a little time with Anna.  She usually had her hands full with Alan. :)
Great Uncle David couldn't believe how small she was.
Granddad got some special snuggles on her last two nights in Florida.
She loves her Granddad.
What a funny face!
One of my dear friends, Kaylen, drove over for a few hours from Gainesville to meet her.
It was a real treat for Anna to meet so many special people. :)