Margaret (Curtis) McDaniel + Curtis McDaniel = Curtis.Squared

August 23, 2013

Half Year Birthday

I know I probably say this every month, but it's especially hard to think that half a year has gone by since this precious baby girl entered our lives.  It's hard to imagine that there was a time in our lives without Anna. :)

This month, Anna had a lot of milestones.  She learned to roll over from back to tummy and also to sit up by herself (see video below).  She really likes to embrace people's faces and lick them, especially her parents. :) She loves to kick around and swim in the bath tub.  She has met lots of college students as her Daddy has gotten into his busy season of campus ministry at Purdue.  She's become incredibly aware of when I leave and sometimes cries if she doesn't know where I am.  Her eyes have been changing to a hazel color.  She also began eating solid food today.  Since cereal is her Daddy's favorite food, we decided to start her on that this morning.  We think she liked it!

We think she surprised herself that she could sit up this long.

Yummy cereal

The look she gives her Daddy.  She loves him so much!

She found her toes!

So much bigger than her giraffe these days.

August 21, 2013

Let the RUF Events Begin!

We first began meeting students at a RUF pool party where we had both Indiana University and Purdue University students attend in Indianapolis on July 13.  Here's the group shot from that fun event:

From August 9-11, our next encounter was with some of the RUF Ministry team.  We traveled to Columbus, Indiana and had a retreat to prepare for the upcoming school year.  I think it really helped us all to start getting excited about RUF!  Curtis and I really are doing exactly what we've wanted to do since before we ever got married.  This is so energizing to us both (which is surprising since one of us is an introvert)!

The RUF events are in full swing now, but I am only able to attend some of them since I have to make sure I take care of our little banana.  One of the best turnouts so far was last Saturday.  We had an ultimate frisbee event and Chick-Fil-A graciously donated nugget trays!  We had over 60 students show up to check us out.  We pray that new students would get plugged into RUF at Purdue this year through outreach events like this.  I was especially excited to see such a large turnout of females.  In the past, I think there have been more guys in RUF than girls.  We've been praying for both, so we'll see if the ratio changes.  
Tonight will be the "Call-Out," which is where any students that are interested in RUF will come hear what it's all about.  It will be Curtis' first official introduction to all the students.  We will be giving out free pizza, which is quite the incentive in college!

A New Friend

Anna and I met Elena and her mother in the grocery store.  Anna is about 2 months older than Elena.  Since then, we've now had 3 playdates. 
Elena & Anna's first playdate together