Margaret (Curtis) McDaniel + Curtis McDaniel = Curtis.Squared

March 16, 2011

Small Group Date Night

Last Saturday night, our young married small group had a date night!  We were all pretty excited because all 8 of us would be together - it's been a while since that has happened.  Unfortunately, we didn't take any pictures until after one of the couples left for the night.  In the above picture, you will see me with two of my favorite ladies - Laura (left) and Jen (right).  You can just imagine that Heather is in the shot too.

Ironically, the husbands are in the same order as their wives are in the above picture.  Curtis is with Miguel (left) and Chris (right).  Again, just imagine that Allen is in the shot too.

We went to Wild Wing Cafe for dinner and then Savannah Smiles Dueling Pianos to hang out afterwards.  We had a great time and we can't wait to spend more time with these fun couples!

WIC Presentation with Mrs. Warren

I had the opportunity to speak for our monthly WIC meeting yesterday.  Rachel, our WIC (Women In the Church) President, asked me to share with the ladies about my mentoring relationship with my dear friend, Mrs. Warren.  Rachel even requested that Mrs. Warren could share more about mentoring me from her perspective.  So, Mr. & Mrs. Warren came to Savannah for this special event.  It was a precious time to reminisce about our relationship that began when I was 9 (yes, that was 17 years ago...crazy!)  We spent Friday evening getting our Powerpoint presentation ready and we practiced in front of Curtis and Mr. Warren.  I think the presentation went well and I pray that the women at Grace church are encouraged to develop mentor relationships with some of the younger women in the church.

Spending Time with Curtis' Parents

At the end of February, Curtis and I had the privilege of having his parents come down to Savannah for a visit.  It was Karen(Curtis' mom)'s first time coming to Savannah to see our house, our church and our town.  Part of the reason that they came was because Curt (Curtis' dad) was going to make a presentation to my company.

We had really nice weather, which was a real treat for his parents since they live in Pennsylvania.  We took them downtown and we rode the Old Savannah Trolley tour bus.  We ate lunch at Paula Deen's restaurant, Lady & Sons.  It was delicious!  We also took them to Tybee Island to view the beach since they don't get to see it that often.

It was very encouraging to be able to talk to them since his parents have also been in the ministry. (His dad is a pastor too.)  Although we had every intention of taking a picture with them, we forgot until it was too late.  Overall, we had a wonderful time with Karen and Curt!

March 13, 2011

Valentine's Day

For Valentine's Day, we went out on a date; it was nice to dress up and celebrate with my husband. We went to a restaurant called Elé Fine Fusion.  We had heard such good reviews over it and we were really looking forward to trying it out.  Unfortunately, we had somewhat of a negative experience (our appetizer was sent to another table and Curtis found a nasty hair in his entrée).  Thankfully, they mitigated the problem and didn't make us pay for anything other than my entrée.  If anyone knows me or Curtis very well, they know that we were excited to save some money.  :)