Margaret (Curtis) McDaniel + Curtis McDaniel = Curtis.Squared

April 20, 2010

More Visits!

Our weekends seem to fly by because of the wonderful fellowship that Curtis and I have with our out-of-town visitors.
On March 27, we had a couple, Sean & Jess that we knew from college stop in to our home. Jess was surprising Sean with a visit to Charleston and we got to be a part of the surprise!
Sean was one of the groomsmen in our wedding (and Curtis was one in theirs also). It was refreshing to spend some time with our RUF friends!
The next weekend, Rebecca (a good friend that I've known since junior high) came up to visit! We had a wonderful time walking around downtown Savannah and trying out new restaurants. It was fun to look at old pictures and talk about all the memories we have from our senior year of high school!
This past weekend, my younger brother, Ben, came to visit us! He was on a vacation from his job and wanted to spend some time with us. Ben was able to get to know lots of people at our church, we celebrated Curtis' birthday together, and we played some Rock Band (of course). It was a really special time to reconnect with my brother. According to Twitter, Ben said his vacation was going "awesome," so I'll take that as he had a good time! :)
Back to Curtis' birthday - we had a great time celebrating his life together yesterday. We went to Carabba's and ate SO much that we didn't eat breakfast today! I am so thankful for my wonderful husband, he always points me to Christ in the way that he loves me. So, I'm glad we had some time together so I could show him how much I love him! :)