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March 4, 2015

Anna's 2nd Birthday!

On Feburary 23, our little girl turned 2!  Anna has been talking about going to the beach every day since we left the beach for Christmas.  Because of this, we had a fun "beach party" to celebrate as it snowed outside heavily!  Here's some of the fun little things I did to decorate (thanks to Pinterest!):
Our favorite pictures of Anna's 2nd year in the shape of a 2.
A special beach ball veggie tray
Flip flop nutter butters
Party favors for the kids - it says "I DIG your friendship.  Love, Anna"  It includes a shovel, rake, scoop and a deflated mini beach ball.
All in various colors!
We had "submarine" sandwiches since they're out in the ocean if you get far enough from the shore. ;)  We also had (gold)fish and chips!
Her beach cake!  The original cake that I ordered was made wrong so I actually was able to get this one for free.  Thank you, Wal-Mart!  It was delicious.
Some of our sweet friends at the party.  Hannah is one of Anna's best friends!
Daddy helped Anna open gifts
So did Sawyer
I think everyone was having a pretty good time
Anna and Elena were searching for shells in our sandbox filled with beans.  It was a huge hit with all the kids!
We snapped a family shot during the party.  Don't you just love Anna's little outfit?  Made with love by her Grammy!
It's hard to get 10 littles on a couch to all look in the same direction.  I think Anna had a great time at her party!
Some of our RUF students wanted to re-create the picture on the sofa the following day.  So, here she is with her "big" friends, loving every minute of it!
One of her favorite gifts was from 2 of her aunts - the cozy coupe!  We look forward to the day when we can go around the neighborhood in it when the weather warms up.