Margaret (Curtis) McDaniel + Curtis McDaniel = Curtis.Squared

June 28, 2011

VA Beach Days 6 - 10

The next day we travelled to Virginia Beach for the annual Presbyterian conference called General Assembly, where pastors and elders in our denomination meet to discuss business.

We had quite an adventure getting from NYC to VA Beach!  We planned to take a bus; however, we failed to notice that the address was on East Broadway Street and brought all our belongings to Broadway Street.  By the time we were able to figure this out, we had 10 minutes before departure to get there (and we were supposed to get to the bus station 20 minutes early)!  We caught a taxicab and they speedily brought us to our correct destination.  Thankfully, the bus was running a little late and we were able to make it to Virginia Beach as planned.
Here was our view out our hotel room.  It was beautiful (and very different from NYC)!  Thanks to Carol (our senior pastor's wife) for picking out a great hotel for us!  It was definitely nicer than the hotel we stayed at in Queens.
The weather was wonderful while we were in VA.  This little walkway was right outside of our hotel.
Unfortunately, Curtis was feeling very sick on our actual anniversary, but he did feel well enough to go to the beach with me!  You can see our anniversary date (6.7.08) in the sand. 
Here's a closer up view.
It was really relaxing to be there! Curtis had to spend most of his time discussing church business throughout the day and voting.

Curtis and I also went to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse on our anniversary! It was very special because Curtis hadn't ever been there before.  He thoroughly enjoyed the steak!

I had a lot of fun getting to know Carol (the senior pastor's wife) during the trip.  It was also encouraging to spend time with other fellow pastors' wives in our denomination.  We were there from June 6 to June 10.  We were happy when we arrived back in Savannah after a long 10 day trip!  It was very memorable! :)

June 22, 2011

NYC - Day 5

This day was our last full day in New York City.  We went to Redeemer Presbyterian for church.  It was a great service!  Curtis really respects Dr. Tim Keller, the Senior Pastor of Redeemer.  Even though he wasn't preaching that week, we were happy to visit.  (Besides, we knew we would hear him at General Assembly in just a few days!)
We decided to go to John's Pizzeria for lunch.  This was recommended to me by a co-worker and it was rated very highly on Tripadvisor.
This pizzeria is one of the largest in the United States!  This restaurant was previously a cathedral and over 500 can be seated.  The pizza was yummy!
Next, we went to Central Park.  It was refreshing to come here after spending several days in the city because the pace was much slower here.  I think it was one of my favorite places to go.  Pictured above is a structure that we saw as soon as we entered Central Park.
There were lots of large rocks that you could lounge on.
Here's Curtis relaxing.
Here I am!
The view was great!
I really wanted to see the fountain.
Here's an up-close picture!
Curtis and I in front of the fountain! :)
Isn't this gorgeous!?
After this, we went back to Times Square to try for the Wicked lottery again.  And we lost for the third time. :(  At least we will get to see it in Jacksonville! 
For dinner, we went to a restaurant called Via Della Pace in Little Italy.  The food was awesome - probably one of our favorite places to eat!  Here I am in the restaurant, it was a cute little couch with pillows that I was sitting on!
Our final plan before we left NYC was to have a caricature taken of the two of us.  We had this taken in Times Square - I love how the artist put an "I <3 Margaret" shirt on Curtis. 
Next up: we'll be traveling to Virginia Beach for General Assembly tomorrow!

June 15, 2011

NYC - Day 4

On this day, Curtis woke up feeling sick.  This was a real bummer because it seems like one of us always ends up getting sick whenever we travel.  We took it easy in the morning and then we went to the NBC Studios tour!
We weren't allowed to take pictures on the tour, so we snapped some shots of both of us holding our tickets.
We got to see Dr. Oz's set, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon's set and the Saturday Night Live set!  It was pretty cool and probably one of our favorite parts of the trip!

We decided to try to get discounted Broadways tickets through TKTS.  While I waited in the long line, Curtis was sweet and got us pizza from a place called Patzeria's Pizza.  Unfortunately, we didn't realize how expensive the Broadway tickets would be, so after we heard the how much the prices of the top 3 shows that we wanted to see, we left empty-handed.  I was pretty disappointed about it so I think we're planning on trying to see Wicked when it comes to Jacksonville in January of 2012.  
Before we went to NYC, I got a deal through LivingSocials for a wine class at a restaurant called Giorgio's.  It was a lot of fun to try the different types of wine.
Lambrusco was my favorite!  It was fizzy.
Curtis is a big fan of Seinfeld, so we planned on going to a well-known restaurant that the tv show references called the Original Soup Man.  This is the place where the man always would say "No Soup For You!"
The soup was pretty delicious!  Curtis got the seafood bisque soup and I got tomato basil soup.  They even give you fruit and an amazing chocolate candy with every soup order!
Next up, we went to the "Top of the Rock."  We tried to get there before so that we could see the cityscape before the sun went down.
The view was amazing!
There's the Empire State Building!
Of course, Curtis made a funny face to show our amazement!
...and so did I!
We even got a picture together with the Empire State Building between us.
As it got darker, we were able to see all the lights.
That big batch in the middle of the city is Central Park.
I love the way we can see a little bit of the sunset in this picture.  Another fun-filled day in NYC. :)

June 11, 2011

NYC - Day 3

So, we tried to mimick the famous kissing shot in Times Square above.  See original below:
 I think it our picture is surprisingly more similar to the original picture than I expected.  Just different types of hats!  It took us a while to find someone that we were willing to kiss in front of them.  Haha!
We planned on visiting the Statue of Liberty, but before we did, we ate lunch at a restaurant called Gigino's.  This was the view from the restaurant, isn't it a great view!?
Unfortunately, there wasn't any shade in the restaurant because the wind was blowing and the umbrellas wouldn't stay up.  So, we had to eat with our sunglasses on!
This was our view as we arrived from the Liberty cruise ship -- I had no idea that the Statue of Liberty was so huge!
We had a great view of the cityscape as we were visiting the Statue of Liberty.
The black building on the left is the new Freedom Tower that they are constructing.  It's weird that the Twin Towers would have been in this picture if we would have visited 10 years earlier.
Here's a good view of the front of the Statue of Liberty.
You can get an idea of how big the statue is in comparison to Curtis and I in this picture.  All you can see is the feet of the statue!

For dinner, we went to Qdoba.  This was very exciting for us because Curtis has so many free burritos that he acquired when we lived in St. Louis and he isn't able to use them in Savannah because we don't have a Qdoba.  We stumbled upon one downtown and we were excited to get to save some money!
This is the Rockefeller building - on Day 4, we spent a lot of our time in this building visiting the NBC Studios and the top of it!
One of the beautiful churches downtown.
This is a statue of Atlas holding up the world.  I know it from the beginning of the television show "30 Rock."
This is inside St. Patrick's Cathedral.  Heather (Curtis' sister) recommended that we visit this ornate Catholic church.  It was really awesome to check it out and see how large it was!  It's definitely not like any Presbyterian churches that I've ever been to.
This is the outside of St. Patrick's Cathedral.
One of my new favorite tv shows to watch is called "The Voice."  Here Curtis and I are posing in front of an advertisement for it.  We are holding up "V"'s like the celebrities behind us are doing (even though you can't see it from this picture).
So we were able to see where David Letterman has his show around Times Square.
Here's a large Superman figurine that is inside the huge Toys R Us store.  We went back to the huge Toys R Us because we knew there was an ice cream shop inside it called "Scoops R Us."  It was so expensive that we decided to go somewhere else for dessert.
So, we found ourselves at a place called Roxy Delicatessen.  We are sitting on the second floor in this picture, but you can see some of the sweet treats below.
I got the chocolate covered sugar cookie.  It looked so yummy!
Curtis got a peanut butter brownie.  It was delicious!
We finished off almost all of the sweets!
Curtis was full!  A nice finish to another fun-filled day in New York City!