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June 8, 2011

NYC - Day 1

For those of you that have been following our blog for a while, you know that we go on an anniversary trip each year.  We know that we won't always have the opportunity to do this each year, but we plan on doing it whenever we have the ability.

For our 3 year anniversary, we decided to travel to New York City.
We left on June 1st when a sweet friend from our church drove us to Jacksonville for our flight to NYC.  (Thanks Becca Taylor!)  Once we arrived in New York, got our subway tickets and checked into our hotel, we didn't have but a few hours to spend looking around the city.  So, we headed to the Financial District to see some of the well-known buildings and figures.
 I'm not really the best at explaining what each picture represents, so I will do my best, but you will find lots of pictures in the first day.  (Hey, we were excited!)
 This was the New York Stock Exchange.
 This was where George Washington took the oath to become the first president of the United States.  Notice the huge statue of GW!
 Everything was huge!
 Here's one of the Donald Trump buildings.  I think this is the one that they show on The Apprentice.
 Some cool artwork in the middle of the city.  We eventually stopped taking pictures of the artwork because there was lots of it!
 The famous bull.  I wish I could say that I knew about this well-known bull before I went to New York, but I didn't!  
 Here is the new Freedom Tower that they are building to replace the Twin Towers.  Apparently, it will be completed in 2013.
 We walked far to get a good picture of Ground Zero, but I don't think it really helped that much. Ground Zero is in the top of this picture.  It was all covered up and blocked, so we had to take this picture from several blocks away.
 A dear friend of mine told me to check out the church across from Ground Zero.  I wish I could have gotten a chance to go inside the church, but we just observed it from the outside.
 There was a little park around there with lots of unique artwork.  Here I am standing in front of this rainbow colored structure.
 I loved the way this looked with the huge building in the background of the fountain.
 Here's Curtis chilling out in front of the fountain.  
 Here I am in front of the fountain!
 We went to a restaurant called "Biddy Early's" - it was not one of our favorite places to eat, but the food just got better from there at all the other restaurants!
 Here I am at the restaurant too! :)
 Curtis told me that we should head to Times Square to see what it looks like at night.  Little did we know that we'd be going to Times Square almost every night!  We went to the m&m's store and I took a picture of these rotating colorful m&m's because sometimes Curtis calls me his "m&m."
 It really felt like we were at the center of the universe!
 There were tourists everywhere! If I lived in New York City, I probably would avoid Times Square!
 Here's the Nasdaq building.  
Lastly, we got the courage to have a tourist take a picture of us in Times Square!  You can see all the chaos behind us - I just kept telling Curtis throughout our trip that this place is crazy busy!


  1. What a fun trip! I went there a long time ago, but I would love to go with Kevin someday.

  2. Margaret,
    I can't believe you were blogging on your anniversary, but I loved the opportunity to hear from you two. Enjoy the blessings you have in the LORD, He is with you everywhere daily within your every breath is He. God's daily blessings are miracles, Mrs. W.

  3. Dear Margaret and Curtis, I just returned from NYC late last evening. It was a wonderful trip, short, only four days but full of fun, culture and Times Square was as busy as ever with the Olympic teams there for the upcoming 2012 London Olympics. I always make a plan to visit St. Patrick's Cathedral and spend some time with quiet prayer. Love, Lisa Hoffman