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June 9, 2011

NYC - Day 2

 Our second day began with a trip to Chinatown.  On our way, we saw the Brooklyn Bridge.
 Curtis enjoyed this huge building, so he snapped this shot.
 This building says "The True Administration of Justice is the Firmest Pillar of Good Government."  I thought this was a great quote and it goes along with Curtis & I's passion for justice.

When we arrived in Chinatown, Curtis mentioned that he enjoyed this area a lot more when he came with his family.  We really didn't find it to be a place where there were many tourists.  We left Chinatown and decided to walk towards the SoHo District, where Heather (Curtis' sister) had suggested was a great place to shop.  On our way, we discovered the Chinatown that Curtis had remembered with his family's trip.  Apparently, we had actually been walking around the authentic Chinatown, not the Chinatown you think of when you come to New York City (where they sell fake Coach purses and you can bargain for souvenir items).  I never really felt comfortable to purchase a fake Coach purse, so instead I just negotiated with them and purchased a black Pashima scarf for $4!

In the SoHo district, Curtis and I didn't end up purchasing anything.  I looked around at lots of clothing places, but I didn't find anything I had to have.
 For lunch, we went to this cute little restaurant called the "Corner Shop Cafe."  It was delicious!  The waiter asked if we were from out of town because we were so friendly compared to his other customers.

I think we went back to our hotel to rest after all of that walking and shopping.  We went to the Gershwin Theater and hoped to win the lottery to get front row seats for that night's showing of the Broadway show, Wicked.  Unfortunately, we did not win and I think we had a lot of hope that we would win those tickets.  So, instead we decided to go to hang out in Times Square for the night.

We ate a restaurant called "The Perfect Pint," but we didn't even have a pint of beer!  The food was amazing and I think it was our favorite place to eat of the entire trip.  We definitely plan on coming back here if we visit NYC in the future.
 We went to the large Toys R Us - here's the moving T-Rex.
 Curtis is very excited about the new Transformers movie that is coming out soon, so here he is posing in front of the huge Transformer in the Toys R Us.  He looks so serious!
 Here's the Empire State building.  We took this picture on our way to the huge Macy's department store on 34th street.  

I can't remember if Macy's had 7 or 8 stories, but it was overwhelming! I don't think I'm a shop-a-holic because it made me sick to even think about trying to shop throughout that store!  There was a Starbucks on almost every floor.

We finished the night with an ice cream snack at Cold Stone. 
 As we approached the Subway, we saw this sign about Harold Camping, the man who thought the world was going to end a few weeks ago.
One of the final pictures of the day -- me on the Subway...
...and Curtis on the Subway too!
We were pretty exhausted after a busy day.


  1. Thanks for sharing Margaret. I love seeing all the places you visited and hearing about your day. I can imagine the cute Corner Cafe, the large Toys r Us store and being sick at the thought of so much shopping in Macy's. I'm glad you had a great time and sorry you didn't win the tickets. But glad you got a seat on the subway. Love you both and pray that Curtis is better. Mrs. W.

  2. You guys have the best pictures! So glad you had fun in NYC - isn't the Subway, way cool? I will check out the Corner Shop Cafe when I am in NYC in October. Much love, Lisa Hoffman