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July 26, 2012

Cow Appreciation Day

Yes, we dressed like cows for a free Chick-Fil-A combo meal!

Vacation Bible School

This year was the first time that I was able to serve as a teacher in our church's Vacation Bible School.  I was one of the teachers for the K4 group. 
Recording the VBS music - each family receives a CD
at the end of the VBS program
The music was wonderful, I don't think a single person walked away without hiding scripture in their heart through the lyrics.  I think my little 4 and 5 year old kids know the following verses just from our songs:
"Though the grass will wither and the flowers fall, the word of our God will stand forever" - Isaiah 40:8 and "I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you." Psalm 119:11
It was so cute to see them do the little hand motions! 

We spent the week learning about the armor of God, as well as several attributes of God.  One of my responsibilities was to try to communicate to the kids different attributes about God.  A lot of my family and friends probably don't realize that God used them to teach little children about who God is.  I created this poster to help:
On Day 1, I explained that God is loving.  I depicted it by putting some pictures of our loving family.  I included a picture of me with three of my cousins (Jane, Judy, Beth).  I also included a picture of Curtis with his Nana and his aunt (Diane).

On Day 2, the children learned that God is our protector.  I tried to use a few different examples of protectors.  I put a picture of my brother, Tim, in his military uniform as he protects our country.  I put a picture of Curtis in his football attire, explaining that he protected the quarterback.  I also told them that his dad is in the picture, and he protected Curtis, just as each of the children's fathers protect them.

On Day 3, I taught them that God is faithful.  I showed this by putting up pictures of some of the faithful marriages in my family.  I put up my deceased Grandmom & Grandad, who were married for 50 years.  I also added my parents, who have been married for 28 years.  And of course, I put a picture of our wedding.

On Day 4, the children were taught that God is truth.  This one was a little tricky, but I placed pictures of Bible Studies where I have taught God's word, which is the truth.  One of them is from a RUF Freshman Bible Study that I co-taught with my good friend, Kaylen.  The other was a middle school Bible Study that I co-taught at Pinewood.  It makes me miss all those girls!

On the final day, I shared with the children that God is kind.  I explained this one by putting up pictures of some of our sweet friends that we are kind to one another.  One has two of my good college friends, Miranda & Kelly.  The other has Curtis with two of his good college friends, Sean and Joel.

It was really fun to go through old pictures and decide how I would use them for this task.  If you were one of the ones mentioned above, thanks for letting God use you in the lives of little ones.

July 23, 2012

The Adventures of RYM

I don't know if you've been able to keep up with our crazy traveling schedule, but here's how it went:
6/25-6/29: Middle School Camp
7/2-7/6: High School Camp
I was on all of the trips above except for the Middle School Camp.  I had one week to stay in Savannah while Curtis kept traveling.

So, Curtis spent his fifth and sixth week away from Savannah to take some of our students to RYM.  RYM is a summer camp in Panama City Beach, Florida.  I was able to join him as a chaperone for the high school week.
The white sand & clear waters of Panama City Beach!
Since I wasn't there for the middle school week, I will just post some of the pictures that Curtis took:
Belly Flops
Some of our students before a seminar began.
Alex (left) came as a chaperone to help.
The whole middle school gang
 In between these weeks, Curtis and I traveled to Melbourne for one of his good friends' weddings (see post here).  The next week, we traveled back to the same camp with the high school students.  Here's a few of the highlights:
Here I am with the girls laying out!
Curtis & I got to spend a little bit of time together
Here's all the boys and Curtis before the worship began
The girls, David (another chaperone) and Kenyell, a new friend
On our free night, we spent hours looking for a place to eat.  We settled on this Mexican restaurant.  Someone from our group said that it was my birthday so they gave me a sombrero to wear.  Haha! 
On Independence Day, we spent some time on the beach to see all the fireworks.  Some of the boys decided to start burying each other.  I thought this picture had a pretty cool effect as Hal threw sand in the air.
Another sand burial
Each group takes turns serving the other groups during meal time.  Our youth group served all the other groups by cleaning up after one of the dinners.  Look at how many people were in the cafeteria!
I think the students had a great time.  I enjoyed getting to know the girls better.  
Curtis and I were thrilled when this week was over because we were finally done traveling.  We were so happy that we didn't have to live out of a suitcase any longer!

July 18, 2012

All of Curtis' Roommates Are Now Married

Curtis had three close roommates in college - Ryan, Josh and Jeffrey.  They all took bets on who would get married first.  Everyone thought Jeffrey would be the first.

Here's how the weddings actually occurred:
6/7/2008 - Curtis and I
5/28/2011 - Josh and Alicia
10/15/2011 - Ryan and Emily
7/1/2012 - Jeffrey and Jessie
We are so happy that we were able to come to Jeffrey & Jessie's wedding!  Curtis served as an Usher.  Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures.  So, I've taken this picture from the official photographer (not trying to infringe on any copyrights) - if you want to see more pictures, please go to Valentina Glidden Photography.  It completes the roommates all getting married.

The wedding was beautiful and we enjoyed getting to meet Jessie.  Jeffrey first told us about Jessie at Josh's wedding...and by the time Ryan's wedding came around, he was ready to marry her!

We are looking forward to many years spent with all 8 of us (and their families as they increase).  I've never met such incredible, godly men before.  All four of them are very strong in their walks with the Lord.  Three of them have now graduated from seminary, two of them are pastors and the other two want to be missionaries in the future.

General Assembly 2012

One day after our anniversary trip ended, we headed to Louisville, Kentucky for our denomination's annual pastor/elder's conference.  This was my second time going (see last year's in Virginia Beach here).
Carol, Debbie & I at the Women's Luncheon
We took the church van and traveled with our Senior Pastor, Brannon, his wife, Carol & their son, Thomas; and one of our Ruling Elders, Tom, and his wife, Debbie.

It was nice to explore Louisville - I had never visited it before and it was where my dad went to seminary (Southern).  Most of the time, Curtis was in meetings and seminars so I got to spend a lot of time just relaxing and reading.  I attended all the women's events and was able to meet other women that are serving in the ministry like me.  I really enjoyed hearing from Dr. Tim Lane at our Women's Program.  I also went to a Pastor Wives Panel and was able to get some great advice for various circumstances.  

I was happy that I was able to spend time with Curtis' aunt, who works for Covenant Seminary.  She faithfully comes every year to General Assembly to be in the Covenant Theological Seminary booth in the Exhibit Hall.

I also got to visit and talk with several women that I knew from our days in seminary.  It was neat to be able to meet their new babies and catch up.  I can't believe it's already been 3 years since I had seen most of them!  It was an encouraging week.

July 10, 2012

Our 4th Anniversary to the Southernmost Point (Key West)

This was my first trip to the Keys, but it was Curtis' fourth trip!  We were there from June 10 - June 15.  We got a pretty good hotel deal through priceline.  Our first day in Key West, we went snorkeling.  I have a slight fear of water and I kinda freaked out on our snorkeling adventure during our honeymoon, but I was willing to give it a try.  Curtis claimed that the best place to snorkel in the United States is in the Keys.
We boarded the Jolly Roger in Marathon, Florida to begin our excursion.
I was a little nervous!
I think I did pretty well!  I was able to swim around and see all sorts of fish and coral.  I'm pictured above in my snorkeling gear.
The view was amazing!  We actually were able to see dolphins when we were traveling to our second location to snorkel.
Unfortunately, Curtis got a little seasick during it, but he was fine once we were back on stable ground.
For dinner, we went to a place called 2 Cents Restaurant.  Everything on their menu was much more than 2 cents, however.   It was very tasty though.  It was fun to see Curtis finally able to completely relax.
On our second day, we took a trolley tour to explore the entire island of Key West.  We thought this was a pretty cool sign above - it showed how many miles away we were from lots of places, in and out of the country.  We actually ended up purchasing a picture of a similar sign that we are hoping to put up in our Master Bedroom.
One of my favorite things that we did was we went to a the Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory.  It took me forever to get a good picture of the morpho butterfly pictured above.  I love the blue color!
These are baby quail birds.  I thought they were so cute!  They were placed in this ecosystem so that they will eat the fruit flies.  (Butterflies eat fruit, which brings fruit flies.)
Look at how little this bird is compared to Curtis' hand.
There were two turtles there too.
Here we are in the conservatory.  Curtis had a bird poop on him when he was sitting in one of these benches.  It was kind of funny...although, it probably wouldn't have been funny if it happened to me.  He had a good attitude about it though!
We also visited the Southernmost Point of the United States.  We were actually closer to Cuba than Miami.
You have got to love the dorky cut-outs!  Here's our advertisement for Old Town Trolley.
Everywhere we walked, we found baby chicks, hens and roosters.  This was the best one that I got all week.  Apparently, roosters were brought to Key West back in the day for cock fights (which is now illegal).
We also had the opportunity to see not only the beginning...

...but the end of US 1!
We went to Mallory Square because we heard they had some of the best sunset celebrations.  Not only were they selling all kinds of unique items, but they had magicians and performers.  We watched this guy do really cool gymnastic tricks.  I was impressed because he gave all the glory to God when he succeeded. :)
Here's the sunset at Mallory Square.  I even have a sailboat in the distance (on the left) and I caught a bird in mid-flight.  Not a bad picture for a iPod Touch camera.
Of course, we had to try Kermit's Frozen Dark Chocolate Dipped Key Lime Pie!
These pictures aren't the best, but it was my favorite way to eat a key lime pie!  (But I am a chocoholic.)
I think the third day was my favorite.  We went to Higgs Beach.  The weather was amazing and we had shade under this nice palm tree.  You can see Curtis was reading a book. 
Here I am under the palm tree.  I am in the midst of reading The Hunger Games Trilogy.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  What a great book for vacation!  

We ate dinner that night at a place called Paseo and it was probably our favorite place to eat.  We tried to eat there on about 2 or 3 different occasions, but they have really odd hours.  It was definitely worth the wait!
Margaret on Margaret Street.
We went on a Sunset Sail after dinner.  It was beautiful on the boat.  We met some nice people and got some great photos.

I love this picture.
And then the sun began to set.
How romantic!

Yes, this was my favorite day.
We even had an amazing dessert called "Cookie Monster."  It was a half-pound chocolate chip cookie, with 3 huge scoops of ice cream - "Brownie Boom," "Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough," and "Cake Batter."
On our fourth day, we went to No Name Key and had a kayak tour!  I had never been in a kayak so Curtis helped me out by taking a double-person kayak.
We were able to see sponges, conch crabs, birds, fish and jellyfish. 
Every day we were there, it was perfect weather.
What a fun experience!
On our final night, we went to the top of the Crowne Plaza to watch the sun set go down one final time.  Curtis and I are already wishing we were still there!