Margaret (Curtis) McDaniel + Curtis McDaniel = Curtis.Squared

April 22, 2011

Gospel Coalition, Curtis' Bday, Family Visit

 From April 12-14, Curtis took a trip to Chicago to attend a conference called The Gospel Coalition. It worked out pretty well because Curtis got to spend time with his best friend and college roommate (who was also our Best Man), Ryan.
Ryan has been attending seminary at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, which is conveniently located in Chicago! Although I missed Curtis terribly, I’m glad he got the chance to go and come back refreshed. He tells me that the sermons he listened to were excellent, so I’ve already listened to Tim Keller’s (I agreed that it was very good!). I still have at least 2 others that he’s recommended for me to listen to.

Once he left for Chicago, I began feeling sick. I ended up missing several days of work and hoping to recover before Curtis got home. Unfortunately, I was still sick by the time he came back and I had to go to the Urgent Care Center in order to get effective medication.  Here's some of the medication:
Apparently, I had an upper-respiratory infection. I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to celebrate Curtis’ 27th birthday with him on Monday (4/18), but I did end up feeling well enough to take him out to Chili’s. He was pretty excited because his parents got him a Blu-Ray player for his birthday. Immediately after Chili’s, he wanted to go to Best Buy to see what type of flatscreen TV we would like and what the going price was. I think that’s one of the next big purchases that Curtis wants! I got him a laptop messenger bag so that he would stop carrying a backpack to and from the church. Here’s Curtis on his birthday with his new laptop bag:
On Thursday, I got to spend some time with my Uncle Rick and his two daughters (my cousins), Judy and Beth.

They were traveling down to Florida for Easter and I was able to meet them on the interstate and have dinner with them on their way down. I don’t get to see my extended family (let alone my immediate family) much at all, so it’s always a treat when I get the chance!

Now, off to preparing for Easter lunch. We’re having several families over after church this year. I’m excited about it!

April 8, 2011

Our Trip to Florida

Last weekend, Curtis and I traveled to Florida for a weekend getaway to visit my family and witness a beautiful wedding. I took off Friday from work; Curtis took that Sunday off.
On Friday, we went to several places that aren’t located in Savannah with my parents.  We went to McCallister’s for lunch and we shopped at Kohl’s! (Side note: Savannah really needs to get a Kohl’s.)  We also watched the new movie, Hop.  Hop was cute, but we really enjoyed the Netflix movie that we saw that evening – My Life In Ruins.  That movie exceeded all of our expectations!  It was a lot of fun to spend time with my parents.  One of the most memorable things that we did was play the game of Scrabble.  It was hilarious!  We had to get out a dictionary because we were all struggling to come up with real words.   

On Saturday, we traveled to Gainesville to witness the beginning of a godly marriage – Kenny and Rebeca Gilbert. This was a real treat for Curtis and I because it was probably the only wedding that both Curtis and I knew the bride very well. Usually, we’ll go to a wedding because Curtis knows someone or because I know someone. Rebeca was involved in RUF with both of us when we were at the University of Florida. She then graduated and went to Covenant Theological Seminary, where Curtis followed after he graduated, as they both attended seminary. I would spend time with Rebeca during my visits to see Curtis as we were dating. Then, Rebeca moved back to Gainesville after she graduated from seminary and we got to be better friends because I was still in school at the University of Florida. She is a great friend to me and she also has helped counsel me through some hard times in my life. We were so happy we could be there to celebrate with her! And we finally got to meet her new husband, Kenny!
While we were at the wedding, we had the opportunity to see old friends from college and seminary since we had so many mutual friends together!  We also got to spend some time with Steve and Jenna, our campus minister and his wife. (Side note: I had every intention of getting a picture of Steve and Jenna, but I forgot, so here’s a picture of Curtis and I together at the wedding instead.)  Steve was one of the pastors that married us and we hadn’t seen them in almost 3 years.  It was a time of encouragement to catch up with them and share about our respective ministries.
We also spent a short time with one of my good friends, Kaylen.  She and I were very involved in RUF and really bonded back in 2005 (and ever since).  Here we are goofing off together in the above picture. 
We went to one of my favorite restaurants, Chipotle.  Yes, this is another restaurant that Savannah really needs to get!  Here I am with Kaylen and another college friend, Megan.  Megan was the pianist in our wedding. 
Curtis and Jono (Kaylen’s husband) had a good time together too.  Here they are trying to block the lights at Chipotle with their hands so that the picture would turn out, haha! 

We traveled back to Jacksonville and went to  the church that I grew up attending – Pinewood.  Although it has changed a lot since I last attended, it was refreshing to visit, worship and see old friends!  We also got to meet Pinewood’s youth pastor and his family and talk to them about our respective youth ministries.  The weekend was lots of fun and very encouraging for us!  It went by too quickly!