Margaret (Curtis) McDaniel + Curtis McDaniel = Curtis.Squared

November 20, 2015

Kate is 8 (months)!

Here's the youngest McDaniel with her beaming little smile.  She's making sure you know that she is now 8 months old!

Anna and Kate have bonded a lot, see below photos for proof:
At the library

Anna feeding Kate. (I love Anna's look as she does it!)


Wearing headbands together

Rooting for the Gators

"It's Pajama Time!"

They've also started taking baths together, but we decided not to put that one up. :)  They both love it!  Kate has become more mobile and can move (by rolling over and scooting backwards) even though she hasn't started crawling yet.  She loves toys!
Tea party!

We also went to Exploration Acres to do some fun fall activities during the month.  Kate enjoyed the wagon.

Somehow, all of us girls managed to fit in it!

We wanted to be able to document their heights each year.  Here's a comparison of Anna and Kate (above).

Side note: I know this is a post about Kate, but here's Anna from 2014 to 2015!!  It's crazy how much she's grown!

I sure love my girls!

Lastly, a few more photos of Kate.  She was in a really good mood as I took these!

I love this grin! Her whole face is involved in this.

A new toy!

Anna and Kate at 8 months, respectively.  I can see similarities as well as differences!

November 17, 2015


We had some excited girls for Halloween!
Anna in 2013 (left) and Kate this year (right)
I put Kate in the same giraffe costume that Anna wore for her first Halloween.
Anna (left), Kate (right)
We were able to get one family photo where we are all looking at the camera.  This is rare!  Anna was dressed as a kangaroo with a little joey.
Kate was a pretty good sport even though it was a hand-me-down.
She didn't get much action since she was in the stroller during the trick-or-treating but that didn't put a damper on her mood.
Anna, on the other hand, made out like a bandit!
 She really enjoyed trick-or-treating with her best friend, Hannah.
They were so happy together!
I loved her little tail!
I think Anna's favorite part was all the candy that she received! We've been using the candy as rewards for potty training.  It has worked quite well! We are almost out of candy (as of 11/17) and she is almost completely trained!

November 16, 2015

7 Month Kate

Time seems to be getting away from me as I struggle to keep up with monthly posts with our second. Kate is such a delight!  
7 months (Anna on left, Kate on right)
She seems to be taking after me as she plans and organizes very early.  She's already started helping her older sister plan her 3rd birthday party that will take place in February!  

She's becoming quite the little model.  See pictures below for some samples for her portfolio.

She takes over the wheel when she rolls with Anna.

 She gives her Daddy the biggest smiles.

I get the saddest faces ever after bath time.

We went on a special day trip to Chicago.  It was Kate's first experience (outside of the womb) and I think she was content with the big city.

She is beginning to love her "big friends" much like Anna.  We had a weekend retreat and a pumpkin carving event where some of our students got to spend some extra time with her.

Lastly, some extras from our photo shoot for her 7 month birthday.

And one final one for comparison (Anna on left, Kate on right):
They look similar, but they definitely have their own looks. :)