Margaret (Curtis) McDaniel + Curtis McDaniel = Curtis.Squared

January 10, 2017

Christmas time!

This year, we celebrated Christmas in West Lafayette before traveling to see Curtis' side of the family.  We had a fun cake made to celebrate Jesus' birthday!
We also usually give our kids an ornament each year.  I thought Kate's was especially note-worthy!  She has been sick so often that we gave her this ornament: 
We sure hope that 2017 is a year of wellness!
Speaking of sicknesses, Kate and I were struggling through one on Christmas Eve so we missed the Christmas Eve service this year.  We looked at Christmas lights around our area instead.  Thankfully, we were well enough to make it to the Christmas Day service at our local church!
The next day, we traveled to Pittsburgh to see Curtis' parents and sisters.  It's not very often we are all together so it was a special treat!
Here's a few pictures from our time together:
Goofing around with Aunt Megan!
We enjoyed this fun game with Grammy.
Anna helped make a gingerbread house.
We didn't take that many pictures because we were having such a great time!  I didn't even get many pictures of Aunt Heather or Papa.  We had a lot of fun at an inflatables place called Jump Zone and another called Wildwood Highlands that had an indoor play place and lots of arcade games!  

We stayed for most of the week and then headed back to Indiana.  We spent some family time with our girls before Curtis had to get ready for RUF and prepare for the next semester at Purdue.
Our girls usually said that their favorite part of the day was spending time with each other or with us. It was very sweet!
We hope you all had a memorable Christmas too!  Now, I'm beginning to plan a birthday party and decide where Anna will go to PreK next year.  There's always more exciting things right around the corner. :)  

I'm grateful to the Lord for our little family and our extended families.  God has truly blessed us!