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January 8, 2014


2014 brings us to a new year.  It also brought Anna a new tooth!
She now has 3 teeth, but she's working on 2 more.
We're also adjusting to a new climate - this is a colder place than Curtis and I have ever lived!  We had somewhere around 10 inches of snow recently and a wind chill in the negative 30 and 40's.  Thankfully, this is not normal but it will hopefully help us to acclimate to colder weather faster.
Our pond - completely covered in snow and frozen.  Curtis actually went down and walked on it this morning.
Here's our screened-in porch.  Covered in snow from the wind.
When I opened our front door, snow was all that I saw!  We haven't had mail delivery or trash pickup either.  It's as if life stopped here!  Purdue University even shut down on Monday and Tuesday.
We've been inside since Saturday (3 full days).  I've now started giving Anna strolls in the basement.  Anna has kept herself busy by discovering toilet paper.  A new favorite.  She loves to tear it up into little pieces and try to eat it.  So, if you see Anna, hide your TP! :)

January 7, 2014

First Christmas with Anna

We traveled to Savannah, Georgia and Jacksonville, Florida during our trip for Christmas.  Anna celebrated her first Christmas in Florida.  It was nice that we didn't have to bundle up to go outside like we usually do in Indiana!
When we opened some of our gifts before our trip, she seemed more interested in Lion-O's only gift.

Also, the bows.
She did decide that she liked this little bouncy toy on the basketball hoop.  Not the hoop itself, just this little toy on the side. (She did warm up to the hoop when we put batteries in it and it started cheering for her.)
She was a big hit when we visited our Savannah church family at Grace Church of the Islands.  Here she is spending some time with Daniel, one of the students in our old youth ministry.
We also spent time with some of our friends from our young marrieds small group.  Here's Chris and Curtis with their babes.
On our way to Jacksonville, we stopped in St. Simons to visit the newest McMicken.  Anna laughed, giggled and kissed Samuel! 
 She made sure to give him plenty of love.
In Jacksonville, Anna met her Great Uncle Rick.  She helped prepare him as he awaits his first grandchild (a girl!) in April.
Lots of naps were taken because she was meeting so many people!
Once she was energized, she was able to see Great Grandpa again.

She also thoroughly enjoyed her time with Great Grandpa's wife, Sheila.

We had a nice brunch on Christmas Eve!
Anna liked the Christmas Eve Service at Pinewood.  She was especially curious about the candle light at the end. :)
On Christmas Day, Santa dropped by with a wagon full of presents!

I think she was more interested in the bearded man instead.

One of her favorite gifts was a little vanity set.  It would tell her how beautiful and fabulous she was!  We quickly learned that she didn't like to keep any of the items (lipstick, comb, bracelet) in their spots.  Whenever we would try to put them away, she would pull them out immediately.  I don't think Anna likes to keep things clean! Uh oh.
Grandad's train was entertaining.  She pulled it right off its track!
Great Grandmom spent some special time with her.  Anna liked her necklace.
Hanging out with her parents

My mom spent Christmas with both of her brothers!  I was happy that I was able to FaceTime with my older brother and talk on the phone with my younger. :)
First cousin, once removed Alan was very kind to Anna.  They got along well together!
Grandma and Grandad were so happy to celebrate with us this year!

Here's all the family that was there on Christmas Day (more came later).
The fun continued on as we had a playdate with a few moms in the area.  We had a great time with Abby, and two Joshuas (one isn't pictured)!
We visited with a few more of Anna's first cousins, once removed - Jennifer and Jason.  And more time with Alan!
Also, her first cousin, once removed Elle.
It was really sweet . She just kept calling her "Anna Banana."
Elle loved singing to her and hugging her.
Anna got to meet her Great Uncle Ed for the first time!
Little girls LOVE Uncle Ed.  I did, Elle did, and I think Anna can be added to that list now. :)
Are you exhausted yet?? We did a lot on this trip.  We visited the Green Cove Springs park to see the parade of Christmas trees.  Grandma and Grandad loved every minute!
On the pier where Curtis proposed to me!

We made it safely back and now Anna has plenty of toys to play with in her room, including her alphabet/numerical mat.  We made lots of good memories, but we are happy to be back home.  Even if it is ridiculously cold!

10 months old

Anna is now 10 months old.  I'm going to have to start planning her birthday party soon!
Here are some of her milestones this month: She claps when she sees us clap, practices standing constantly, waves, smacks her lips, and bobs/bounces when she hears music.  She also moved into her convertible car seat.   
In the beginning of the month, she was upset because she couldn't figure out how to get down from standing.  She eventually figured it out though. :)
She also learned to share her toys with her friend, Elena. Speaking of sharing, she also shares her kisses with more than just her mom and dad now - she gives them to little babies... baby Hannah...
...and baby Samuel.  She also giggles with them!
She kisses herself as well!
Did I mention that it was french kisses?
She loves to play with my shoes.  She tore a bow off these nice yellow ones.

We didn't have the giraffe because we celebrated her 10 months in Florida.

Not a big fan of the headband
She's growing up so fast!