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December 21, 2016

The Last 5 Months

I have been very quiet on the blog lately.  I guess you could say I was just soaking up the time with my family.  It's a little overwhelming to think about catching up, but I really enjoyed reflecting on how much changes!  Here's some snapshots with brief descriptions to get us to the present:
Anna came back from visiting her grandparents with a desire to water plants like her Papa.

Kate didn't mind supervising while she watered.

We enjoyed the local water park at Tropicanoe Cove!

Occasionally, I still try to do the comparison shots with my girls.
Anna (left, 2 years ago) vs. Kate (right, present day).
Kate finally started walking around 16 months (July 2016)!

Our church re-launched with a new name, location, and time.  Anna enjoyed a snow cone with her BFF at one of the outreach events!

Kate couldn't attend because she was ill.  She was diagnosed with asthma and has an inhaler as well as breathing treatments whenever she gets sick.  
She has had a rough year - as of December, 8 or 9 of the past 12 months she has been sick.

Our "big friends" arrived back in August.  These are two of Anna's absolute favorites!

Kate delights in bubbles!

Anna got her first "big girl" bed!  As of December, she has just started sleeping on it.  Before that, she liked to sleep on the floor under her bed to avoid monsters.

We tried to enjoy family time whenever we could before the cold weather hit and when Curtis wasn't busy with RUF.

We took a short trip up to Chicago for 2 days and spent time with Curtis' best friend and his family.

Anna loved spending time with Penny!

Family selfie at the bean.

Kate, the model.

Lots of sweet memories!

Anna learned to paint.  This is one of our favorite pictures of Anna this year!

We also carved pumpkins together.  Kate carries this panda (given to her by Great Uncle Ed) everywhere!

We spent some time at Exploration Acres as we have the last 3 years.

Family pic!

Comparison shot of Kate: 7 months and 19 months old at the same place. 
(Also, looks like it was colder in 2015!)

Comparison shot of Anna: ages 1.5, 2.5, and 3.5 at the same place.  
She's growing up!

We celebrated Halloween with lots of young families at our senior pastor's house.

Kate dressed as Lion-O and Anna as a mermaid.

Here's another comparison shot - 
Anna (left, 2 years ago) vs. Kate (right, present day).

Here we have Kate wearing Anna's shoes and she is so excited about it...

...until she realizes I took a picture of it! Haha!  Hands down, favorite picture of Kate for the year.

Anna also decided to try on my boots.  And I promise that we don't always have trash bags hanging up in our kitchen! 

This was the only way I was able to convince Anna to get her nails clipped - by painting her nails!!  

Kate also enjoys a nice pedicure.  I am getting quite good at it. ;)

I celebrated my birthday with a LuLaRoe party with my closest local friends.  It was super fun!

We had a nice Thanksgiving meal in one of Purdue's dining courts with lots of our students in RUF.

Anna and Kate wore their matching Christmas dresses for Thanksgiving so we could try to get a good family picture. :)

Kate must have been pretty worn out while she supervised all the cooking for Thanksgiving.

This is the best one we got!

And now, we prepare for celebrating our Savior's birth.  It's been a fun season!

I love the snuggles from them!  

I also had my mom come in while Curtis was at his bi-yearly RUF training.  It was so nice to have her help (even though she got sick while she was here).

Thankfully, she recovered quickly and was ready to bake cookies with Anna in no time!

She also brought an amazing bubble wand and a special bubble recipe.  We enjoyed playing with them in the basement since it was too cold to go outside!

My mom captured this cute one of Kate.

Anna took this before my mom left. (It was too short!)  She didn't do too bad of a job, but it was pretty funny to have a 3 year old take your picture.

Curtis arrived back and we had our RUF Christmas party.  It was so much fun!  Anna was hilarious during the white elephant exchange.  We sure are going to miss the Purdue students while they're all at home during Christmas break!

My Floridian mom left just in time.  Right before the snow came!

Anna was proud to make this snowman with Daddy.  Actually, the snowman is still standing now and it's been 10 days!

Each day, we are preparing for Christmas with a short advent reading.  Anna doesn't understand why we haven't had a birthday cake and singing at all of these birthday parties for Jesus (aka Christmas parties)!  We plan to do that soon. :)  In the meantime, we will just wear tiaras and entertain ourselves!