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September 1, 2015

Our 2.5 year old, Anna Banana

It's not often I update on Anna nowadays, so I thought it would be appropriate to do since she is now 2.5 years old.  She has become an excellent big sister.  Kate already looks up to her!  Here's a few to document this:
She has also mastered the selfie:
We often use her as a marketing tool for our ministry with RUF at Purdue:
New cups!
She enjoys spending time with her "big friends" in RUF.  She asks if she will see them almost every day!  Anna also loves to sing! Her favorites include "Ariel song," "Baa Baa Black Sheep," "Holy, Holy, Holy," and "Rainbow, Rainbow!"  She usually announces the song before she begins singing so that you will join in.  Some of our leaders in RUF really enjoyed performing "Rainbow, Rainbow!" with her.
Pastor kids.
Singing hymns at the RUF ministry retreat
She carries this bear ("Pepper") everywhere she goes and sleeps with him.  Mommy and Daddy have to be very creative to wash him!  She is also becoming a fan of dressing up.
A few of Anna's favorite things!
Here she is with several necklaces and a hat.  She strategically placed her bracelet on top of her hat.
She's becoming quite a little beauty!
After she was dressed, she held hands with her Daddy and walked to the library.  So precious, we are trying to soak up these little moments.
Anna has taken an interest in sitting in the front seat and acting like she's driving.  She's 2.5 going on 16!  I'm glad we have a little time before this happens.
Lastly, she likes to relax on our bed and act as if she can read large books like the The Iliad and Arrested Development.  Haha!