Margaret (Curtis) McDaniel + Curtis McDaniel = Curtis.Squared

June 18, 2015

3 Months of Joy.

Kate had been smiling before this month, but I'd have to say that her smiles are becoming more often this month.  And it's my favorite part of her last month!

During her 3rd month, she has met family (Great Uncle David, Great Aunt Tina, Cousin Luke, Great Aunt Diane), gone on 2 out-of-state trips to St. Louis and Pittsburgh and had her first babysitters.  

She has a very loud cry to let you know when she's not happy.  Curtis especially heard a lot of her crying as we transitioned her to taking a bottle of milk on occasion.  We've learned she's quite particular and has expensive taste!  She prefers latex bottle nipples that are discontinued and hard to find.  On a positive note, she now can take bottles and she's becoming a really good sleeper, which are blessings from the Lord.  

Anna (left) and Kate (right) at 3 months:
They're definitely sisters!!

Special Visit to Pittsburgh

We decided we wanted to take a special trip to Pittsburgh to see Grammy, Papa, Aunt Heather & Belle (the dog).  Anna was so happy to see family and Belle!  Papa took us to Living Treasures where Anna saw lots of animals and got to feed many of them, even a giraffe!

Anna adored her aunt Heather!
Actually, both Kate and Anna did. :)

There was a fun playground there also.

 Grammy delighted in her time with both Anna and Kate.  The feelings were mutual!
Anna's first introduction to play-doh.

 We went to a really neat place called Purple Park.  We all enjoyed exploring it with Anna.
Her first taste of cookie dough from Papa!
We finished off our visit with a trip to Dairy Queen.  It was delicious!  Even though our trip was short, we had a great time.  We look forward to the next time with Grammy, Papa and Aunt Heather!

7th Anniversary on the 7th

Our anniversaries have been severely reduced from what we used to do to celebrate now that we have kids.  That's OK, Anna and Kate are definitely worth it!  

On June 7, we celebrated our 7 year anniversary!  This was the first time that we left Kate with a babysitter so we went ahead and had TWO babysitters to make sure everything went smoothly.  Thank you Mollie and Anna for doing a great job!  

We stayed in town and went to McGraw's (a fancy steakhouse) and Silver Dipper (a delicious ice cream spot).

Our view of the Wabash river

Curtis got me some super cute Sperry's.
I surprised him with this wooden sign over our bed.  
We tell each other that we love each other "as far as the east is from the west" so I thought it would be a nice reminder each day.  
Here's hoping to many more!  I love you as far as the east is from the west, Curtis!

Meet Me in St. Louis: Kate's First Trip

Curtis took 2 weeks off after he returned from Summer Conference.  We decided it was time for Kate to take her first trip!  We chose St. Louis - lots to do and family to meet!

She met Great Uncle David, Great Aunt Tina & First Cousin Once Removed Luke.  (Side note: when we re-introduced Anna to Luke, she started looking around for a dog.  Anna has become good friends with a dog named Luc in our church's community group.  It was pretty funny to see her wheels turning!)
We ate at St. Louis Bread Company (aka Panera).
We visited the first place Curtis and I lived together.
It sure brought back the memories!  
We visited Covenant Seminary (where Curtis went).  Anna loved this chair there!
We also took a quick stop at Conway Park where we first kissed 8 years ago.
Under this gazebo.
Kate was a pretty good sport!
We even had a date to Ted Drewes while our daughters were sleeping. :) Don't worry, Great Aunt Diane stayed behind and was equipped with the baby monitors. 
 We went to one of our favorite spots - the St. Louis Zoo!  It's especially nice because it's free.

 Anna enjoyed seeing lots of animals there.  It was special to share it with her.  She was a lot more observant and vocal since the last time we were here (back in November 2013).
 Anna rocks the shades as we wait in line at Grant's Farm.
 Family selfie!
I thought Anna might be scared of the carousel, but she really was delighted.  It's hard to see Diane in this one, but she's between the 2 horses. ;)
Anna fed the goats!
We even had a quick visit with our seminary friends, the Lauranzons.  It was so fun to introduce our families to each other! Curtis and I last saw them when Karis was about 18 months old.  Now she's 4!

 Our growing families
 Great Aunt Diane was very hospitable to our family during our trip.  We really enjoyed our visit with her!
I think Diane had a pretty good time too. :)  Thanks for a fun first trip for Kate!