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June 7, 2011

Josh & Alicia's Wedding - 5.28.11

On May 28, Curtis and I traveled to Neptune Beach, Florida for a special wedding.  One of his college roommates (Josh) was getting married to Alicia.  Although I do not know either of them well, they seemed like a fun-loving couple with a goofy side to them.  Pictured above is when they were first introduced as Dr. & Mrs. Josh Counihan!  I love the sunglasses!
This wedding brought back the four college roommates for the first time since Curtis & I started dating in 2007.  Even though 4 years had gone by, they had a great time hanging out and reminiscing about their days at UF.  Jeffrey was involved in the wedding as a singer and usher and Ryan actually performed as the officiant for his first time!  Ryan recently got engaged to a beautiful young woman named Emily (who I can't wait to meet) - so we're hoping the 4 of them will get to see each other soon in October (?).  Ryan & Emily are still working out the wedding date.

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